Video Tutorial – Class 12 HTML Introduction for Informatics Practices students

Class 12 HTML for Informatics Practices student. HTML for class 12 student contains only the basic tags of HTML like empty tags and closed tag used for paragraph like <p>, <hr>, <br>, <strong> tag etc

Besides that basic tags, students are advised to practice <img> tag as well as <table> tag. <UL> and <OL> tags have equal importance.

Anchor tag <a>is one of the most important tag in HTML, using this tag we attached our webpages with each other.

Check this whole video and do not try to skip the initial video as that part defined the basic structure of our whole website.

Note : Text editor used in this video is – sublime Text 3.0 with emmet and html 5 plugin. Do not forget to download files available in Zip format at the end of this document

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