How to use Unicode in Python IDE – Use Local Language for Localization

Writing computer program in your own Language is one of the major advantage and on top of that you can show the results in your own Language.

Before Unicode it was the fonts that was used to show results in Local languages. But unfortunately there were not too much support for all local language.

Few days ago some of my friends while discussing Python have shown me some screenshot there they were using some local language in python. Basic inquiry revealed that they were using some emulators on Android system and its was not on a full-fledged IDE for Python.

So with Little experiment, I came to know that all this is based on Unicode and we can use the same on any IDE available and can write our program in any local language.

Here are the steps to write program in Local Language

  1.  In order to use Local language, We used Google input Tools to enter our language using Google Phonetic input Tool. You can download Google Input Tools from its official website.
  2. Install Google input Tool and select your desired Language. IN my case, it is Hindi
  3. Now open your favorite IDE for python and start typing your program in python, Right now we are using Visual studio code for developing Python programs.
  4. Screenshot of a python program written using Hindi and English


# हमारा हिंदी में लिखा पाइथन प्रोग्राम 
# प्रोग्राम में आप कीवर्ड को अपनी भाषा में नहीं लिख सकते है 

अ = 0
for क in range(1,20):
    अ += क
print("पहले दस नम्बरों का सम है :",अ)

Note : You can use Unicode(Local Language) for variables, constant, list, tuples as well as for custom messages but you can not use Python Keywords in your Local Language as the current python compiler will not be able to compile your code written in Local Language.

Final conclusion on using Unicode in Python

It is a very Good Idea to use Unicode to represent your local language in your program , Use your local language with to increase the penetration of Python.  Do not forget to share your ideas using the comment section.

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