Top 10 Python Tricks

Top 10 python tricks consist of the most common python tricks and tips that every programmer should know otherwise he/she is learning python in old school way or he is not learning python at all.

Python – if Statement

Python if statement runs either one set of statements or another set of statements depending upon the condition associated with. If if-else, and if elif are three selection statements available in Python.

Python Modules – Brief Introduction

Python modules are used to enhance the capabilities of Python Programming language. There are thousands of Python modules available in Python repository. How to use them effectively-read this simple tutorial.

Python While Loop

Python While Loop is a condition-based looping statement available in Python. Like other programming languages while loop also supports optional else statement.

Python For Loop

Python For Loop is one of the most important building block of Python Programming Language but in Python the working of for loop is different with other programming languages like CPP or Java.

Python Lists

Python Lists is one of the most common data type of Python. It is the basic building block of Python Programming Language. This tutorial covers all the basics of Python lists in brief and comes with sample exercises with solutions.