MySQL Introduction

MySQL is a relational Database Management System. In the Relational database Model, all the information is stored on Tables, these tables are divided into rows and columns. A collection of related tables are called DATABASE. A named table in a database is called RELATION in Relational Data Model. The row in a table is called […]

MySQL Connection

You can establish the MySQL database using the mysql binary at the command prompt. Example Here is a simple example to connect to the MySQL server from the command prompt − [root@host]# mysql -u root -p Enter password:****** This will give you the mysql> command prompt where you will be able to execute any SQL command. Following […]

MySQL DataTypes

MySQL DataTypes are used to define the type of value an attribute can hold in any database table table. Wrong datatype selection can lead to lots of programming and maintenance costs.

MySQL Create Database

MySQL Create Database command is used to create a new database in MySQL server. It is a part of DDL commands of SQL commands.

MySQL Create Table Command

MySQL create table command is used to create a new table in MySQL. Structure and records both can be used to create a new Table using the Create Table command.

MySQL alter table command

MySQL alter table command is used to make changes in the structure of any existing table. Alter table command is used to add, modify and drop column(s) Alter table command can also be used to change the constraints of the columns- Syntax of alter table command ALTER TABLE tableName ADD/MODIFY (columnName datatype(size) Constraints, ColumnName datatype(size) […]