CPP Program to Evaluate Postfix Expression using Stack

CPP program to evaluate postfix expression using stack is one of the finest example of stack and how our compilers and interpreter evaluete expressions.

Insertion of an Element in An Array

Insertion of an element in an array of integer in C++ using the replacement technique. This is one of the must-know trick by all the C++ programmers

Delete an element from an array in C++

Delete an element from an array in C++. In this techniques we move all element below the desired location one place higher.

Linear Queue in C++ using Single Dimensional Array

Linear Queue in C++ is implemented on the principle of first in first out(FIFO) or last in last out( LIFO). This linear queue is implemented using a single dimension array.

Circular Queue Using C++

Circular queue in C++ using a single dimensional array with comments and sample output. This Circular queue program is written using functions and single dimensional array.

Bubble sort in Single dimensional array

Bubble sort method to arrange any single dimensional array in ascending order. A must know sorting algorithm for all computer science students.