How to add comment in each file of a folder-Python Code

Add a comment in each file of a folder is a very simple yet effective python program that add comment at the top of a python file recursively.

Python Code to Count Frequency of Word-[ smart solution ]

Python Code to Count Frequency of Word using python dictionary and simple looping method. Here the frequency of a word is taken as the key and words as values.

Python Lamba/Anonymous Function [ simplest Example ]

Python Lambda function is also known as anonymous function as these type of functions does not have any function name. These nameless functions are defined using lambda keywords

Python *Args and **Kwargs Parameter [ Simplest Example]

*args and **kwargs are two variable length function parameters available in python. How these two parameters are different with each other and how they complement each others.

Exception Handling in Python – [ Complete Guide ]

Exception Handling in Python and how it is different from Exception handling in other programming Language. Simple example with a great explanation.

Python Program ArmStrong Number between two numbers

In this example, We will learn to generate Armstrong numbers between two numbers. This program uses the same function to determine to check Armstrong number. The source code of the function to check Armstrong number is def armstrong(n): m = n sum = 0 while(n != 0): rem = n % 10 sum += rem**3 […]

Python Functions – [ Complete Guide ]

A python function is a small piece of code that is designed to perform a particular task. Python function are divided into two major categories Built-in function Methods User-Defined function Built-in library functions are accessible directly without any type of import. These functions are availableĀ  with python compiler Len(), input(), print() are few example of […]