Top 5 Python IDE for Python Developers Compared

A proper python IDE can enhance your productivity multi-fold. Python is one of the most popular and easy to understand programming Language and it is going to be a compulsory programming Language in CBSE schools from year 2018 on-wards.

Though python comes with its own editor bust that editor has the limited features and does not support modern day IDE features like code intelligence and code completions. So we have tested 5 most popular IDEs for you. Here are these top 5 python IDE with their pros and cons.

Top 5 Python IDE compared

1. PyCharm : This is the first and foremost runner of the IDE for python by JETBRAINS. It comes in the flavors, professional and community version. Community version does not have all the features of professional version.

pycham IDE for python

PyCharm is perfect for those who already have experience using another JetBrain’s IDE, due to the fact that the interface and features be similar. Also, if you like IPython or Anaconda distribution, it’s nice for you to know that PyCharm integrates its tools and libraries such as NumPy and Matplotlib, allowing you work with array viewers and interactive plots.

In addition to Python, PyCharm provides support for JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Angular JS, Node.js, and so on, what makes it a good option for web development.

2. Visual Studio code : This is a free IDE from Microsoft corporation and has all the major features that is required to develop a professional application software.

python IDE -2

If you have not previous experience with python and you also do not want a large IDE for your student then this is the Ideal IDE for you. It has some built in features that can help you to develop and track your changes using its built in support for Git.

Its debugger is also as powerful as the professional IDE specially designed for python like pycharm but does not have the feature to install python modules from the IDE.

python IDE -2

Download Visual Studion Code

3. ATOM This is the third my favorite IDE for web development. It is built on Github

python IDE -3

Although this text editor is available for many popular programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java and so on, Atom has interesting features that create a good experience for Python developers.

One of the best advantages of Atom is its community, chiefly due to the constants enhancements and plugins that they develop in order to customize your IDE and improve your workflow.

For instance, One of this plugins – called “Packages” – is the Data Atom, which allows you to write and execute SQL queries. It supports PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. Besides that, you can also visualize your results on Atom, without open any other window. Additionally, you also have a plugin called “Markdown Preview Plus”, which provides you with built-in support for editing and visualizing Markdown files and which allows you to open a preview, render LaTeX equations, and much more!

Atom’s integration with git is awesome. And, as other IDEs, it allows you to use multiples panes, themes, and colors, managing multiples projects at a time.

The major drawback of ATOM IDE is – It is little bit resource hungry and you will feel its laziness on old computers having little but less computing power.

4. Sublime Text  it was my favorite IDE and I am using right now this IDE for almost all my web-development projects. It has some of the best features you can even expect from an Editor.

sublime Text python IDE for windows

It is slim, light weight and you can enhance its performance using the plugins but for python it has some serious issues if you are developing interactive projects where a program takes some inputs from user and computation is based on user input.

Another major issue that we were able to detect is, It does not have any active debugger though it have anaconda for you but still to educate our students, we need debugger and this Editor does not have that.

5. PyScripter : This is another very good python IDE. It has all the major features, we need to develop python based application. It surely does not support any other programing languages like other listed IDEs do but it does for what is developed.


PyScripter is an open-source Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created with the ambition to become competitive in functionality with commercial IDEs available for other languages. It is a feature-rich but also lightweight.

This IDE comes with built in debugging tools and other features but lack modern day workflow tools like git integration. BUT if you are beginner and want to teach yourself python, I think this is one of the best IDE after first two.


IDEs surely can help you to improve your workflow and make your results profitable. You can write, execute and debug your code easily, aside from customizing windows and colors. Instead of a traditional IDE, you can also try a text editor like Notepad++, but keep in mind that you’ll need to expand it by using plugins (such as PyNPP) if you want to execute your code.

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