Tkinter – Introduction

Tkinter is the default Tk GUI library shipped with Python to generate a graphical user interface on all almost all the platform using Python. Though there are a few more python libraries exists that can help us to generate a simple GUI.

How to Install Tkinter

Tkinter shipped with Python installation in almost all Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, so there is no need to install Tkinter on your system. All you need is to check using the following commands

import Tkinter
from tkinter import *

Note: First command ‘T’ is capital while in the second command ‘t’ is small.

If you are new to How to import module or import some functions from any python module. Please check our existing Tutorial on Python Modules.

Prerequisite to learn Tkinter

We are assuming that you have little knowledge of Python programming Language and you are also comfortable with selection statements,  Python lists, tuple, string, functions, and Modules. If you are new to these topics, we would suggest you please check out tutorials on these topics first.

Target Audience

This Tutorial series is not for the advanced user, so if you are looking for something advance then We would suggest you check Tkinter’s official documentation. The major aim of this tutorial series is to give a suitable introduction to Tkinter to its user so that they can understand the basic code written in Tkinter.

We will create sample projects to demonstrate the working of different tools and their settings. Sample code and their output will be available in each tutorial to try.

Software Required

No special software or IDE is required to run the code listed in this tutorial series. You can try all the codes on Python IDLE. An Editor like visual studio code is highly recommended for speedy coding.

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