How to score more in CBSE Practical Examination

Practical Examination is a part and parcel of our education system. It basically help student to understand the concepts that they learn through out the class and now they have to show their skills in that particular subject performing the practical exam.

Here are some tips that I want to render as a Examiner, These points that can help you to score more than you deserve in your practical examination if you are not your teacher’s pet at all.

  1. Always put your best school uniform on the same day and do not forget to greet your teacher and external while entering in the Lab.
  2. Learn some lessons that the very common concepts of that subject, without that the subject can not take its shape at all. If you are not sure about that you can take help of your subject teacher
  3. Learn some practicals ( better that you performed in your pre-board exams ) and also learn the basic concepts of the theory of that practical) most of the time external examiners ask viva questions based on your practical.
  4. If you are not sure about the answer that do not try to make your external fool, He/she is the expert of that subject and he/she understand the concepts very well instead of that “pass” that question
  5. Do not answer any question unless until you are asked to answer that
  6. If every thing is not coming as per your plan then simply tell your external that your prepared few chapter for the practical examination and will prepare more for the final examination. Your humble commitment will surely force external to ask some questions from that topic.
  7. When leave your viva/practical, again greet your external like “ Thank you. Have a great day”
  8. Never ever reveal your original marks ( if it is below than average ) as this will carry a negative effect.

These are my ideas for scoring better marks in CBSE Practical Examination. Good Luck and have a nice day

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