How to Score 90 plus in Computer Science in less than 1 month

I was forced to wrote “How to score 90 plus in Computer Science in Less than 2 month” because I do understand that Computer science is not a major subject in CBSE board examination for most of the students, They  study only when the school or CBSE Board declare the Datasheet for final Examination.

score 90 plus in computer science

So how they can score 90 plus in less than 2 month, as a teacher teaching computer science in a public school for more than 20 years, I came to know that this is really very easy to score 90 plus in computer science.

Here I am going to discuss some tips to score 90 plus in computer science CBSE board Examination 2017.

#1  Download Computer Science Syllabus

Syllabus contains the blue print for your success in computer science, Computer science syllabus contains the exact blue-print of your computer science.

Your Computer science syllabus contains the topics that will be appear  in the final examination, few books  like sumita arora contains a lots of topic that is not the part of curriculum .

Second this syllabus also contains the type of questions going to appear. This way you can judge the type of question and their weight-age in the final exam.

#2  Learn Common C++ Terminologies

Every year CBSE  ask some questions based on C++ terminology like functions, OOPs, Inheritance and Constructor and Destructor.

Please note down do not learn all these terminologies from books as books may bombard with extra knowledge that may waste your precious time.

Instead of that, I would highly recommend you to download C++ Tutorials for CBSE Board, Specially designed by your own teacher to revise all these topic as that will be concise and to the point and on top of it – It will save your lots of time.

#3 Practice Common Questions First

Every year CBSE produce some common question in their final computer science examination, You are requested to download last 10 years Computer science question paper and note down few questions that is always common

  1. A program on Classes and Object
  2. A Question based on Inheritance
  3. A question on Text file handling
  4. A Question on Binary File Handling
  5. A question on Single dimensional array
  6. A question on Double Dimensional Array
  7. Address Calculation of a location in Double dimensional array
  8. Conversion of Infix into Postfix or Evaluation of Postfix Expression using stack
  9. Link List implemented stack or queue
  10. 6 Marks Question Based on SQL Table
  11. Boolean Rules – 1 rules is must with its proof using truth table
  12. Reduce Boolean Expression using k-map
  13. 4 marks question to form a Network

The above question appeared almost in every year so probable they will also appear in your final exam , Download previous years question paper and sort these questions first from  Old CBSE Board sample question papers.

When you are confident with these type of questions then go ahead with other questions that needs the understanding of the subject.

As the question no 1 always appears from class XI Computer science syllabus, I would highly recommend you to check flow of control, functions and array very seriously.  This syllabus contains one question having some typo , one output question, one definition and one output. Most of them are based on functions and array chapter.

I Would very highly recommend to read my previous post on 9 tricks to learn everything faster than your friends

Hope this little guide will help you a lot to score 90 plus in less than 2 month in Computer science. If you have any query or suggestion, Please feel free to drop your comment.

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