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The American college admissions committee usually talks about the students’ admission. Many managers note the high level of academic preparation of students from the USA. But in addition to the assessments that are important for entering the university, the admissions committee draws attention to motivation letters, to how the student motivates the desire to learn, to develop in the professional field, and to contribute to the development of the institution.

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Essay Writing Tips

Essay Writing Service: How to Write a Top Rated Motivation Papers?

An essay of motivation is not just an explanation of why a student wants to study at a particular institution, it is also one way to convince the admissions committee that you need a university that is interested not only in learning but also in working on the development of the institution.

What Structures Do You Need to Follow in a Motivation Letter?

Explain the Reasons Why You Want to Study in a Chosen Program and Specialty

In this section, try to find out what exactly pushed you to choose your specialty and subject. Notice how your interest in learning a particular area has evolved and what you have done to motivate yourself to learn more about specialties and professions. This will show your interest in learning.

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Explain Why You Are Suitable for This Program

In this part of the cover letter try to sell yourself as a student. Using your example, explain why you should be chosen. Try not only to focus on meeting the requirements of the university but also to ensure that you have carefully studied the course and are interested in gaining knowledge for development in a specific professional field.

Write Down What You Did and What You Were Interested in

If possible, describe how you have developed your interest in a particular specialty. For example, you worked in the summer in a parent company to gain business skills and experience working as a manager and a subordinate. Write about books, articles in newspapers and magazines that you read that helped you better understand the specialty offered by the university. Try to avoid generic descriptions, focus more on unique books or sources of information, do not strive to be like everyone.

Experience and How It Influenced Your Decision

In your paper, describe your experience in the field. This can be a company experience, volunteering, working on a project, an annual vacation program at a camp, visiting an exhibit or museum, participating in competitions, and how they influenced your decision to study at a university, choose a specialty. There is no need to think of something incredible because even a simple conversation with a professional could push and motivate you.

How the Choice of Specialty Is Related to the Further Choice of Profession

If you are applying for a specialty that relates to the development of practical skills, focus on what skills you want to acquire in order to become a professional in a particular field. Describe what skills you have, how they will assist you in learning, and developing your profession. Try not just to describe your experience, but to explain how it all affected you.

Acquired Skills

Try to list the skills you have, explain how they will help you to study specialty and subjects (working independently, teamwork, good time management, problem-solving, leadership, listening or organizational skills), try to use examples from your life.

Critical Thinking Skills

Show your uniqueness that you can think and analyze. Demonstrate the uniqueness of your own thoughts.

Your Plans for the Future

Be sure to write about your plans. If you write in your cover letter that you want to be a journalist, this is unlikely to set you apart from other entrants. Try to explain how a particular profession can help you implement something.

If you have not yet decided on your profession, focus on studying at the university and what you want to gain from it.

Try to Be Optimistic and Positive

Writing a cover letter causes some stress, especially if you are not yet sure about your specialty and career path. Remember to focus on your strengths, write with enthusiasm, and describe yourself positively. Also, don’t forget that you can always ask EssaysAssignCode for help.

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