Role of essay in foreign college admission and how to write it

Role of essay in foreign college admission and how to write it.

The popularity of studying overseas is growing exponentially. Gaining a global mindset, cultural sensitivity, development of Interpersonal skills and exposure are some of the advantages that attract students to attain world-class education.

Role of Essay in Foreign college admission

It cannot be denied that it definitely looks good on your CV and creates a good impression. So there are umpteen reasons for you to study abroad and the role of essay, in this case, can not be denied.

Now, you have taken all the necessary tests, completed all the application forms and it’s time to impress the university’s admission committee with an outstanding college admission essay. But wait, you must be wondering what is it and where to start from.

We are here to guide you, step by step, to write the best possible statement to get through the admission process and secure a seat for yourself.

Importance of a good college essay

Thousands of applications are received every year by foreign universities and colleges from students who wish to seek admissions in them in order to build a bright future. The majority of students have almost similar SAT, LSAT, or ACT scores and it is only their college essay that can help them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

This college essay holds monumental importance in deciding your future.

A college essay is one of the integral components of getting admission in any foreign college which comes after all the admission formalities. An applicant’s grades, the strength of curriculum, and admission test scores might be the top factors while deciding college admission.

But it is the essay that holds considerable importance for the authorities to determine which academically brilliant student they wish to choose.

In simple words, only a powerful, compelling, and quality essay can help you clinch the seat. With cut-throat competition increasing, things can become tough for a marginal applicant. Only a well-written essay can help them distinguish you from other students and elevate your chances.

So, take it as an opportunity to showcase your writing skills, using your creativity, and shine out in an otherwise faceless application sifting process.

How to write it?

So, how do you craft a good admission essay? While many students stress over writing college essays but doing this task is not as stressful as it seems.

Some experts emphasize that essays are important because it offers a chance for students to directly speak to the admission office. A good essay will definitely speak volumes and increase the chances of being accepted.

However, it is also important to be concise, coherent, original, and accurate while writing it. That being said, it can be one of the most challenging tasks, as students often end up staring at a blank piece of paper and have no idea where to start from!

To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of some useful tips and tricks to help you write a stellar college essay:

Read all the instructions carefully

One of the most skipped statements is to read the instructions carefully before starting out. Many students don’t pay attention to read them out of excitement, stress or negligence and miss out on something or other.

If due to any reason, the guidelines are not followed, the admission officer may assume that you won’t be able to follow the university’s rules and regulations as well and you may end up creating a bad impression.

Prompts, page, and word limits are mentioned for a reason and need to be strictly followed. So, make sure you go through the guidelines patiently as it will help you in organizing your draft effectively sans blunder.

Find a suitable topic

The process initiates after finding the best possible topic. Now that can be anything –some personal experience, idea, event, or quirk that gives an insight of you as a person.

Your forever love for the BTS music or your family trip to a historical monument – topics could range from anything and everything.

One easy way is to find possible topics from the college’s essay prompt. Well, this does require you to flex your intellectual muscles, think deeply and brainstorm, but on the other hand, it is going to save you from using stale topics or worse, copy text with the name changed.

Always keep this thing in mind that there is nothing like the best essay topic but just the best topic for you! Take as much time as you want and think of one topic about which you can write in detail.

A student’s narrative often helps officers to understand how their personal statement intersects with the institution’s purpose.

Write an irresistible introduction

Always remember that thousands of applications are received from all over the world, so you have to stand out in order to secure a seat for yourself. Your essay can make that happen and hit the mark. Begin the introduction with an ‘opening hook’ to grab the reader’s attention.

The main goal is to introduce the general topic effectively by engaging the reader. Your introductory paragraph will set the tone for the rest of the essay, so make sure that you keep it informative, play with words, and start with something catchy.

Avoid using dense sentences.

The introduction needs to be compelling, giving a sense of the topic and why it needs to be read.

Authenticity is magnetic

Admission officers have years of experience and go through thousands of essays every year. They can easily discern between an original piece of work and a copied one.

It is absolutely understood that we tend to explore the ideas available on the Internet but they are looking for the right match and it requires a great deal of effort to be one. One common essay mistake is that students often Google sample texts or examples available online, make certain changes and submit it as ’their’ work, which ultimately and obviously get rejected.

Make sure that while drafting it, your essay should reflect something about you and add something that isn’t elsewhere. Your work should deliberate your resonance with the ideals and purpose of the institution.

Contradictions in the application form and essay should be strictly avoided. Stick to your statements throughout and everywhere. This is possible only when you reflect on your genuine beliefs.

Structure it properly

It’s not just about finding the right topic but it’s more about how you form and present it. An essay that consists of properly structured sentences, with a gripping writing style is the key. An example of an academic essay structure for students is normally given by the universities.

Always remember that through this college essay you are expected to show something about yourself. So, in order to create an impactful personal statement, start off by creating an outline of the ideas that come to mind on a rough piece of paper.

It will help you in planning the order of paragraphs, the transition between ideas, the use of words or phrases, and how to effectively start and end your essay. You want your essay to be memorable and attractive, but for that, you need to take care that your ideas should be logically connected.

Just like all good stories have a great beginning, middle and end, your college essay should reflect it as well.  Also, it is a good idea to include certain examples that talk about the experience you have had in the past that left an impact on you, your choices, or your outlook towards life in general.

Your statement should resonate with the ideals of the institution, making you appear as the perfect candidate they are rooting for! Now some students like to write about any major incident or experience of their life that changed them completely.

For that, the writing style could either be chronological or narrative. You can choose any style, but make sure you keep the text crisp, gripping, and relevant. Including unnecessary details puts off the reader’s attention and you wouldn’t certainly want that!

Proofreading before submission

Revise, revise, and revise!

This age-old advice is the key to a great essay. Most students make this common mistake in writing the first draft and not reading it again. If you really want to make a great college statement, read it over and over again, critically.

Make sure it doesn’t have any grammatical or typing errors, the sentences are structured properly, your ideas are flowing smoothly, and are well connected. Most importantly, ensure that the text falls in line with the prescribed word limit.

Overly wordy essays are a big no. In order to avoid these mistakes, re-read the essay.

But there are times when we are not able to catch mistakes in our work and it seems perfect. It is time when you need a fresh perspective. For that, go ahead and ask your peer, friends, teacher or family to proofread it as they are likely to catch the mistakes that you won’t see. Moreover, they will be able to detect if this work actually sounds like you or not, which is very important.

Furthermore, proof reading your text will also help you identify any holes in your essay and edit them well in time before you submit the final draft.

Conclusion – Role of essay in a foreign college admission

The essay is an opportunity for you to show the admission officers who you are, what you can become, and how you can contribute to the university as a student. They are looking forward to admitting students who yearn to excel academically as well as are passionate about contributing to society.

So through the role of essay, apart from testing your writing skills, they are trying to find an insight into your identity and what makes you unique. Now, using the above advice, start writing an extraordinary essay and create your own path to success!

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