Reverse Words of any string – Python Code

Let us create a program in python that accept on a string from the keyboard and print the whole string in reverse order. It should not reverse the words, it should only reverse the order of these words.

A sample run of the program

Enter your string: hello Rakesh how are you doing

Output: doing you are how Rakesh hello.

Solution Program to display string in reverse order

#   Program to read a string in a variable and print all its contents in reverse order
#   program by          : rakesh kumar
#   website             :

word = input('Enter any large string : ')
print('Original string :',word)
word = word.split()
word = ' '.join(word[-1::-1])
print('Reverse String :',word)

The above program accept one string in a variable word and then split this string into words using the string split() method. Split method is again joined using join( ) function but taking all the elements from the back.

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