Python Project for class 12 Ideas

Python project for class 12 is a compulsory step for the partial fulfillment of their project work. Python as you already aware is a multipurpose programming language. You can generate almost every type of program that you want. The application of python is limitless.

Python projects for class 12 that are listed on the internet are either based on python 2.7 or introduced to students as a command-line interface that most of the time teachers used to prepare in the 90ties. Now using this type of command-based project, I think you are killing the basic purpose of python.

In this list of Python Projects for class 12, We are trying to introduce some new types of projects that you people can generate very easily, These python projects are not in any specific order but I think you must think of it. Before submitting or planning to generate any CUI based Python project.

Python Project for class 12

Graphical Hangman Game: Hangman game is very much there and students used to prepare this project for the basic understanding of any computer programming language.

The twist is – You are required to prepare the same game using python Pygame library and the words your program should lift must come from a text file that contains your desired word in random order.

You can also share your previous attempt either in MySQL database or text file.  A sample CUI based hangman game program is available for your reference.

Trivago clone: Trivago is a well-known website that scan thousand of travel-related websites and then display the results on its website. You are also required to scan at least 2 to 3 travel website and then store this data in MySQL tables. Using these tables and Django prepares something.

What you will learn in this project – Web scrapping, database connectivity with python and how to display stored data in a dynamic website generated by Django.

API Parsing: API is known as application program interface, gets API from well-known api sites like rapid API, railapi and process these API using python dictionary and generates a rail information system that can track almost every information our Indian railways system has.

What you will learn: API integration in Python, How API works and how HTML, CSS, and Jquery can be used to generate a dynamic website.

Text Editor: Sublime is a very well known editor developed using python. You are also required to generate something like Sublime Text Editor.

Text editor code using python Tkinter

The extra part that I want in this text editor is – embed something so that it can start highlighting keywords of your language.

ChatBot: Generate chatbot using  Python Django

Image downloader: Generate a graphical image downloader as your project. You are required to generate a GUI application that is able to download all the images available on a particular website.

Image manipulator: This may be a web application or a desktop application. You are required to just upload an image and your program should have options to manipulate image like resize, skew, color change, etc. after making all the changes, it should be able to allow you to download the same image. FolderWise image Resizer Python Code

Movie Downloader: Movie downloader application should be able to download movies from the specified URL after download the program should have options to convert the same in different formats as popular YouTube downloaders do.

This may be a desktop application or a web application.

Website Generator: This application will ask a few questions from the user and based on the feedback it should be able to generate a fully functional website.  A sample of such service is  documentor by rexarts.

Final thoughts on Python Project for class 12 student

Though I have listed only a few topics that I feel will generate your curiosity in python and you will learn and understand the concept you learned throughout your class 11 and 12th. If you have something new that you think must be on this list then please feel free to contact us.

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