Python Project for class 11 students- Rock Paper Scissor

Python Project for class 11 students is a simple yet very engaging python project that we all well aware of and love to play rock, paper scissors. This class 11 Python project is basically based on the idea of nested if.

Python Project for class 11 student

Nested if is a concept that is used to check multiple conditions based on the result of previously satisfied conditions. There is no hard and fast syntax for nested if. Nested if expand according to the requirement of the situation.

In our class 11 Python Project rock paper scissor, we are also going to use one python package random as we will generate this project as computer versus human.

Here we have the following conditions

  1. Rock > scissor
  2. Scissor > paper
  3. Paper > Rock

In order to implement this project, we are also considering the following

Rock   –    1
Paper  –   2
Scissor  – 3

Our program is accepting one input from the user and generating one input from the computer using random.randint() method

Comp = random.randint(1,3)

randint() now generates a number between 1 and 3 and based on the values selected by the user and computer, our program is now going to decide who is the winner.

After every game, the system prompts “Do you want to play more”. If the user selects no then the system displays a complete data analysis of your whole games.

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Here is the source code of rock, paper scissor game written in pure python

#   Program to play rock, paper, scissor
#   program by          : rakesh kumar
#   website             :
# Extra Tips for program
# rock  > scissor
# scissor  > paper
# paper > rock

import random

games = 0
won = 0
lost = 0
tie = 0
choice = "Y"
while choice != 'N':
  ans = int(input('Enter 1-Rock 2- Paper 3 -Scissor : '))
  comp = random.randint(1, 3)
  if ans == comp:
     print("tie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")
     tie += 1
  if ans == 1:
     if(comp == 3):
         print("You won")
         won += 1
      elif(comp == 2):
         print("You lost")
         lost += 1
 if(ans == 2):
      if(comp == 1):
         print("You won")
         won += 1
      elif(comp == 3):
         print("You lost")
         lost += 1
if(ans == 3):
     if(comp == 2):
         print("You won")
         won += 1
     elif(comp == 1):
         print("You lost")
         lost += 1
 games += 1
 choice = input("Want to play more( Y/N) :").upper()

print('\n\n\n Simple stat of this Game \n')
print(' Total guess  :', games)
print("You won Games :", won)
print("You lost Games :", lost)
print("Tie Games :", tie)

The output of Rock, paper scissor game is as follows
Python Project for class 11 student
This is a simple and most amazing Python Project for class 11. If you want to improve the UI of this project then try to develop the same using Tkinter or Pygame.

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