Python Project for class 12 Student – CodeLibrary [ Source Code included ]

Python Project for class 12 students is our sincere effort to provide some quality work to our worthy readers. In this endeavor, developed a python Django project for class 12 computer science students.  Our current Python Django Project is code library.

The basic objective of this Django project is – programmers/coder/readers can store their source code in a central repository and they can also search this central repository.  Readers can also submit their source code.

Download Python Project for class 12 – CodeLibrary

You will learn from this Python Django Project for students

There are several things that I kept in my mind while developing this Django Project for students. These are as follows

  1. How Django templating system Works
  2. How Django fetch data from database and send to templates
  3. How to embed static HTML pages inside Django based web application.
  4. Database Models in Django and how they establish a relationship
  5. How forms interact with its backend and save data into database tables.
  6. How do not repeat(DRY) system works in Django based Projects
  7. Class-based Views and Function-based views and how the working of both views are differents
  8. URL rewriting system and how your multiple URL system can be combined.
  9. User Profiling with Image Uploading and how images can be displayed on Web apps
  10. How to restrict users from a particular activity based on class view.
  11. How to use static files like CSS and JS files in your real-life projects.
  12. User Authentication system in Django
  13. Password resetting  system in Django
  14. How to configure Email system so that you can send emails ( Password for my email ID has been removed in file, you are requested to add your email password to send emails )
  15. Display filtered contents based on USER ID
  16. How to query the database from frontend and display the result

Packages required  to run Python Project

Since this is a Django project thus it is expected that the host machine must have Django 2.1 installed on that system, besides that we few more packages required to run this Python Project. They are as follows


You can install these packages one by one using standard installation command like

pip install django-crispy-forms
pip install django-taggit
pip install django-tinymce

User ID and Password Required for Admin/Login

The database of CodeLibrary is maintained in SQLite and the database bundled with the download. Once you unzipped this zip file in a folder and issued the necessary command to run python server, you shall need login details

Python runserver

login ID : rakesh

password : Rrakesh00789)

Without login, you can watch /search the code but you can not add/delete/edit the code of. Once you are inside the system you can access its admin area using /admin at the address bar.

Screenshots of Python Django Project Code Library

Limitations of Django Project

  1. Though a user can register herself/himself in this project still he/she will not be able to add/modify/delete code as we have not given any permission in this system and this is the major limitation of this project. ( in development phase )
  2. User can not change his/her profile from the system- it is still in the development phase.

How to reset Django Password

In case the above login id and password do not work on your system then use the following command and prompt to reset the current password.

python changepassword rakesh

Here rakesh is default admin name in this database.

How to set Email Credentials in File

Since I was using my Gmail ID and password so send all the emails from this system. I can not render my own password, so removed the same from file. You are requested to open file in your favorite editor and locate the following lines.

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = 'yourpassword'

and do the needful.

Basic working knowledge of Python along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery is necessary to grab the idea behind this project. Hope you will love this Django Project for beginners. IF you have any query suggestion, please contact us via email

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