Python Pandas Project for cbse class 12 – Download Source Code

Python Pandas project for CBSE class 12 students is designed as per the latest guidelines by the CBSE for class 12 Informatics Practices students. This project is a demo project and covers all basics that a class 12 informatics Practices student needs to cover in his/her project.

Python Pandas Project

The whole project is divided into 4 major parts –

  1. read a data file from a different source
  2. Data analysis using Python Pandas
  3. Data visualization using python Pandas Library matplotlib
  4. Export all this analyzed data into a different file format.

All these four units of the project are divided into 4 major python functions. These functions are used through another function that is responsible for timely calling these four major functions, so you can say this project is developed using the python functions.

Find out Python Project Ideas for class

In this video, you will learn the whole process of how to generate data and every step that is required to make a Pandas project. Besides that, the links of all the resources are also available on the bottom of YouTube Video.

Project files are listed on YouTube

Python Pandas Project – Software Used

Though a lot of software is already available that supports Python, we stick to the original IDLE that was shipped with Python, but you can use the file in any other editor like Visual Studio or PyCharm or jupyter notebook. But for the sake of simplicity, we used IDLE.

How to run Python Pandas Project

Few Python modules are required to run this Python Project, You are requested to install this python module on your system using pip command.

  1. Pandas
  2. Matplotlib
  3. sqlalchemy – for connectivity between Pandas and MySQL
  4. Besides all this, you are requested to run this project with font-size 12 in your IDEL editor.

If you have any queries related to this Pandas project for class 12 informatics practices, please mail your queries at

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