Python Class 11 Sample Papers

Python Class XI Papers are divided into two parts one for CS students and one for IP students. Since Python is the common programming language for both the syllabus but few topics are different for both.

Python Class XI Papers for CS student comprising of introduction to python and basis building blocks of Python like Char set, Tokens, Variables, Constants, Operators and Expression, selection statements and flow of control.

This class 11 Python Question paper is based on these topics.  You can change the questions as well as the Language of these question paper as per your requirement.

We are providing these question papers so that our students will have the type of questions being asked in Computer science as well as in Informatics Practices Paper.

Class 11 Computer Science Question Paper in MS-Word Format.

Class 11 Informatics Practices Question Paper in MS-Word Format

These question papers may be different from your own schools’ question paper as teachers may have covered a few more topics like Cyber Security or MySQL.

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