Promotion of cashless transactions in the CBSE affiliated schools

Right now as per the direction of income tax department only 2% Indians are paying income tax in India ie 98% people are not pay any type of direct income tax.

Do you think all these 98% people are in India are earning less than 2.5 lakh per annul?  No Not at all

So where is the hack ?

These people are not registering their income or they do not report their proper income to income tax department thus government always face financial crunch to implement and big ideas?

Now after the De-monetization, government of India is forcing all its citizen to go cash-less so that the government can track all the transaction and force its citizen to pay their dues in the development of this wonderful nation.

The benefits of cashless transactions are enormous and the CBSE has introduced e-payment facilities for collection of fee for examination, affiliation and various activities including payments to its examination functionaries.

Now the board had issued a letter to all its stock-holder schools and associated bodies to go cash-less this way they can track the income and expenditure.

If this way they can force 6-7% of all its citizen to pay their dues in the development of this nation then you people can even not imagine the surplus amount the government will have to implement any project in this country.

The pace of development can not be imagine by a common man, if we people start promoting cash-less economy.  The CBSE has at-least tried to educate their students , parents through school to understand the benefits of cash-less economy.


CBSE in this regard sent a circular few days ago to all the schools and asked them to make necessary arrangement to collect fees through net-banking or other method that does not involve cash transactions.


We at salute the CBSE for promoting cash-less economy.



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