Library management system Python project- Download Source Code

Free Library management system Python project using MySQL and some business rules. The software is function-based software, designed for the beginner to understand the working of Python and MySQL

Inventory Management System Python MySQL Project

Free Inventory Management System Python Project using MySQL for managing the stock. It has a built searching feature as well as a reporting menu. Source code available for download.

Bank Management System Python MySQL project

Bank Management System Python MySQL project developed for the partial fulfillment of class 12 computer science students. MySQL is our database and Python is serving its front-end.

Python Code to Convert CSV into JSON

Convert CSV into JSON using Python code- The program reads all the data stored in CSV format and converts into JSON format

Python Project for Class 11- Folder Manager

Python Project for class 11 Folder Manager is based on the Python Dictionary and some simple python libraries like Tkinter, OS. Arrange all files in the folder based on the file types.

Python Project for class 11 students- Rock Paper Scissor

Python Project for class 11 students – rock paper, scissor is written using python random library. This program is written using nested if statements.