Point of Sale -NetBeans Mysql Project

Point of Sale – Net-beans MySQL Project for class 12 Informatics Practices was designed for the demonstration of Net-beans as a front end and MySQL as a Back end.

The project is designed to demonstrate how a user can connect net-beans form with MySQL and how these two technologies can work together to generate a full fledged application software.  This software was made for the partial fulfillment of class 12  practical examination of informatics Practices.

Sample Output

Point of Sale -NetBeans Project

NOTE: Please use this software for the learning purpose only. Do not submit this software as your project work in any board/university as we will not bear any damage caused by this source code.

What does Zip file of Point of sale Netbeans Project contains

The zip file contains the following

  1. Point of sale software designed in Netbeans where it has connectivity with mysql
  2. Mysql Database dump

How to run Point of Sale software

  • First of all download free point of sale software( zip) file in your local computer and unzip in your favorite folder.
  • Restore the mysql dump on your computer using the method shown in this article . How to take backup and restore in mysql
  • Open PointofSale software in Netbeans and run file using shift+f6

In case you find any issue using point of sale software,please feel free to put your suggestions in comment section


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