Communication and Networking Concept Notes – Class 12

Communication and network concept is based on CBSE class 12 computer Science syllabus. The topic carry 10 marks and the questions are normally based on general theory. This communication and Network concept notes contains all the topic listed in the syllabus. You are required to read all these 14 pages at-least once and discuss how […]

Boolean Algebra notes for class 12 Notes

Boolean algebra notes for class 12 computer science student is based on class 12 computer science students persuing class 12 computer science(083) syllabus. These notes are taken from the CBSE books, so rest assured these notes are up to date and covers all the major topic. If you are able to find any anomalies in […]

Video Tutorial – Class 12 HTML Introduction for Informatics Practices students

Class 12 HTML for Informatics Practices student. HTML for class 12 student contains only the basic tags of HTML like empty tags and closed tag used for paragraph like <p>, <hr>, <br>, <strong> tag etc Besides that basic tags, students are advised to practice <img> tag as well as <table> tag. <UL> and <OL> tags […]

Class 12 MySql Video Introduction

Class 12 Computer Science/ Informatics Practices students can start their journey into mysql using this very simple to understand mysql video Tutorial. Remember this is only useful when you do attend your regular mysql classes and ask the explaination of each statement described in this video. Note : Please understand that this is not the […]

C++ File handling Notes in PDF Format

C++ File handling Notes in PDF format to download. The whole notes is designed to help any normal user to learn file handling. These notes are basically designed to help CBSE students as the syllabus covered in these notes is not beyond that. These C++ File handling notes is divided into two parts – First […]

Class 12 Computer Science SQL Notes

Class 12 computer science SQL notes contains the major point a SQL defined in class 12th Computer Science Syllabus. According to Computer Science Syllabus the whole SQL in class 12th is divided into two major parts DDL  ( Data Definition Language ) DML  ( Data Manipulation Language) DML part only allow us to discus Create […]

pointers in C++ for CBSE board class 12th student

Pointers in CPP for CBSE board class 12th student in PDF format for download. This PDF notes cover basically all the topics prescribed by the CBSE for its class 12th computer science students. Pointers notes have introduction to pointers, association of pointers with operators, correlation between pointers and function arguments. Pointers in CPP for cbse […]