CPP Sample papers for class XI – 6 SET

Cpp Sample papers for class XI is designed for DAV Schools across the India. These C++ sample papers was designed as per the Cpp question paper blue-print published by the CBSE in 2017 curriculum for cpp students. cpp sample paper is divided into two files Sample question paper along with marking scheme Sample answer with […]

IP Sample Question Paper -SET-F

This is the sixth set of IP sample Question Paper for informatics Practices students appearing in 2017 examination. This question paper in again divided into two parts – 1. Question paperĀ  and 2. sample answers along with sample marking scheme for you.

IP Sample Paper for class XI – SET-E

Now, we are presenting the fifth set of IP sample question paper for Informatics Practices students. The same way as the previous question paper have- It is also a combination of question paper + sample answers along with sample marking scheme.

IP sample Paper for class XI – SET-D

IP Sample paper-set -D is ready to rock your Practice. Please not that this sample IP paper is based onĀ  Informatics Practices Syllabus 2016-17.

IP sample Question paper for class XI – Set-C

IP sample paper for class XI informatics Practices student. The download file is in ZIP format containing 2 ms word files – question paper, sample answers. We do need your valuable feedback on this IP sample question paper. Please post your comment regarding this Sample IP paper

IP Sample Question Paper for class XI – Set-B

IP Sample Question Paper along with sample answer in ZIP format. This zip file contains 2 MS word Files, one is your sample question paper for IP and another one is -answers. This question paper was specially designed for DAV students, since the question paper is strcitly designed as per CBSE question paper blue-print thus […]