Point of Sale -NetBeans Mysql Project

Point of Sale – Net-beans MySQL Project for class 12 Informatics Practices was designed for the demonstration of Net-beans as a front end and MySQL as a Back end. The project is designed to demonstrate how a user can connect net-beans form with MySQL and how these two technologies can work together to generate a […]

Library Management System Using NetBeans Java Mysql Project

Library Management System project using Netbeans GUI as a front end and MySQL as a back-end. This project is uploaded here for the demonstration work of how Netbeans and MySql can be used to develop a full featured desktop application software. This Java NetBean Project should be used for learning purpose only and should not […]

Class 12 Python Project with output

Python project with output for CBSE class 12 student was created to fulfill the requirement of the CBSE Senior Secondary Examination Class XII for Computer science. This project had been developed in Pyscript IDE for explaining the concept of python programming for an absolute beginner. Right now we are providing the project in Ms-Word Format […]

Business Studies Project on Jeans

Business studies Project for class 12th on Jeans is now ready for download – for class 12 Business studies students for the partial fulfillment of their project Work on the above cited subject. The weightage to this project work along with via and written practical work is 20 marks in CBSE Board Examination. The project […]

Brick Game – C++ Game Project with Output

C++ Game project with output – Brick Game, is developed using Turbo C++ IDE on windows platform. This project contains some advance graphics and keyboard manipulation. Before persuing this C++ game project, You are advised to learn some basic graphics programming using Turbo C++ graphics.h header file. The same program can be developed using game […]

Class 12 Computer Science Practical File download

Class 12 Computer Science Practical File for download in ms-word format. This Practical file is given here for your reference and must be used as a last resource. Computer Practical Examination require one Computer Project and one Practical File. The worth of Computer Practical File is 6 mark. Class 12 Computer Science Practical require a […]

Class 12 CPP Project Travel Agency Management System Source Code

Class 12 Cpp Project Travel Agency Management System is developed to manage Travel agency. Here is a brief introduction to this Travel management System. Now a day every traveling agency manager has need to maintaining customer details. For this purpose, need the software which could easily and conveniently maintain the customer details. The record of […]

Class 12 CPP Project Ludo Game ( C++ Source Code) – Download

Class 12 CPP project Ludo Game is based on popular Board Game Ludo, designed for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to die rolls. Like other cross and circle games, Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi, but simpler. The game and its […]