CBSE Sample Paper Mathematics 2015

CBSE Sample paper mathematics for session 2014-15 as per the Question paper blue print published in CBSE mathematics Syllabus 2014-15. Please not down the question pattern very carefully and attempt 5 marks question first and then proceed to 1 marks questions.

CBSE Sample Paper chemistry 2015

CBSE Sample Paper Chemistry for the year 2015 is designed as per the latest chemistry sample paper blue-print published by cbse for its student appearing in session 2014-15. As chemistry is considered one of the toughest subject this you are advised to attempt at-least 3 sample papers of chemistry.

CBSE Sample Paper Business Studies 2015

CBSE sample paper business studies for the session 2014-15 is strictly based on the CBSE question paper blue-print published in its syllabus. The whole paper should be kept in mind all the time for better understanding of marking scheme and time management.

CBSE Sample Paper Computer Science 2014

CBSE Sample paper computer science for year 2014 as per the CBSE syllabus for computer science (083). This paper is also contains the python part. Phython is also included in this CBSE Computer Science sample question paper. So make it very sure do it according to your syllabus.

Sample Question paper for IP student 2015

Sample Question Paper for Ip student appearing in year 2015. The sample question paper is per CBSE question paper blue-print published on their IP Syllabus 2014-15.