Mysql Assignment -1 for class XI IP-students

MySql assignment No-1 is the first and for-most assignment for class 11th CBSE students. This assignment is based on the sql DDL and DML commands including CREATE DATABASE, Create table and Alter Table as well as DML commands like insert and select. Attempt this assignment on any version of mysql.

Chapter Wise Physics Questions Class XII

Class 12 Chapter wise Physics Questions for  upcoming Examination 2017-18. These questions are based on Class 12 Physics Syllabus.  This document contains all the listed chapter name and main questions that will cover all the topic of that chapter. Download chapter wise Physics questions in PDF format.  If you have any other query related to […]

Java NetBeans Assignment-1 for Class 11-12

Java netbeans assignment-1 for Class 11 consist on basics of netbeans swing controls. aIn this assignment we covered the basic concept of swing controls Event driven programming. Few functions are also covered in this assignment like how to extract data from textfield, How to set data into textfield etc.

Java NetBeans Assignment-2 for Class 11-12

Java netbeans assignment-2 for Class 11 consist on basic math operations and type conversion like string to integer and integer to string.  In this assignment the main focus is on how they are used in TextField behave for strings and numeric values and how we can convert each one of them. The Java swing controls […]

Java NetBeans Assignment-3 for Class 11-12

Java netbeans assignment-3 for Class 11 consist on selection statements like if, if -else, nested if, switch.  In this assignment the main focus is on how they are used in netbeans. The swing controls mainly used in this assignment is – jTextField, jLabel,jButtons, jRadioButton, jCheckBox and jTextArea. The assignment also explore the common properties of […]