Palindrome Program – multiple Python solutions

A palindrome is one such string related python problem that almost all the computer science student try to solve in order to learn how python strings work. A palindrome is a string that reads the same forwards and backward.

A very simple solution for checking palindrome using python string indexing method

word=input("Please enter a word")
if word == revs:
    print("This word is a palindrome")
    print("This word is not a palindrome")

The old fashioned way we can do it like this using for loop

#   Python program to check whether the entered string is palindrome or not. 
#   program by          : rakesh kumar
#   website             :

word = input('Enter any word :')
l = len(word)
found =0
for i in range(0,l//2):

if(found ==1):
    print("not a palindrom")
    print("Its a palindrome")

The output of the above codes are as follows

as@DESKTOP-P84OH09 MINGW64 ~/desktop
$ c:/python37/python.exe c:/Users/as/Desktop/
Enter any word :rakesh
not a palindrom

as@DESKTOP-P84OH09 MINGW64 ~/desktop
$ c:/python37/python.exe c:/Users/as/Desktop/
Enter any word :nitin
Its a palindrome

Do you have more solutions to this problem? Please send us your solution and we would love to add that solution in this article.

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