35+Best Topic for economics project for class 12

35+ the best Economics Project for class 12 student contains some of the best ideas that are easy to generate and very easy to prepare its viva. Before starting any idea just brainstorm its viva questions

Website Generator using C++

website builder in Cpp

Website builder program using C++ programing language. This is one of the simplest yet most engaging cpp project for computer science students.

CBSE may start board exam from February 2019.

Latest CBSE Update

CBSE may start Board Examination for session 2018-19 from the month of February 2019. This year onward CBSE will introduce two sets of Mathematics. This Examination date is tentative

Sorting structure using selection sort in c++

Cpp logo

Sorting Structure using Selection sort algorithm for class 12 students. The same sorting algorithm can be applied on any type of Data type. This is one of the must know algorithm for all computer Science student.