Text to speech converter – Python Code

text to speech python code

Are you bored to read long articles and want someone else to read all that boring stuff you want to know from that text file.  You can do this using today’s sample code that can convert any text into speech and will also play that sound file for you. For this Text to speech, You […]

Create Email Bomb using Python

Email Bomb

Python is one of the easiest programming language and while learning python, I came across a very simple and power python library smtplib, This simple python library can handle all the heavy lifting for you and send your emails. It has built in tools to serve different type of email verification and security like TLS […]

Python Code for Bulk Email sender-Group wise

Free bulk emailer

Email had become a very essential part of our life. We use to send emails on daily basis for various needs. Some times we have to send emails for promotion / marketing or simply to inform our readers. The existing code was not able to perform the desired task and they also copy all the […]

Frameworks in demand for web designing

python project with output

In definitive terms, a Framework is a standard set of tools, practices, criteria, and concepts for dealing with a problem, which can be used as a point of reference to help the user approach and solve problems that are similar. In this digital age, modern web developers follow a standard list of frameworks and libraries […]

How to score more in CBSE Practical Examination

Practical Examination Tips

Practical Examination is a part and parcel of our education system. It basically help student to understand the concepts that they learn through out the class and now they have to show their skills in that particular subject performing the practical exam. Here are some tips that I want to render as a Examiner, These […]

Vastu Tips for Students to Excel in Exams

Vastu Tips for students

Vastu can help transform average and hard working students into high achievers. Full potentials can be met and hidden abilities can be discovered by the use of Vastu. Some Vastu Tips are : Study Room should be located in East, North or North-East direction of the House. Here students feel energetic and can concentrate better in their […]