Python Project for class 12 Ideas

Do not start your Python project for class 12 unless you read this article for Python Projects. This article is specially written for the Project work of class 12 Computer science students

Pandas Project for Class 12 Students – Movies Analysis

Pandas project for class 12 students – World Movie data analysis using Python Pandas and matplotlib. This Pandas project explores the data and recommends the most rated movies based on the rating and voting system.

Role of essay in foreign college admission and how to write it

The role of an essay in foreign college admission is very important. In this guide, we are going to guide you to write winning foreign college admission.

Student Marks Report Card Python Project

Student Marks Report Card Python Project stores the basic information of students and their marks in MySQL tables and generate report cards for various needs. The project provides basic search facility as well as will show you some advance SQL statements.

Library management system Python project- Download Source Code

Free Library management system Python project using MySQL and some business rules. The software is function-based software, designed for the beginner to understand the working of Python and MySQL

Pandas Tutorial

Pandas Tutorial is a collection of articles that is designed for the beginners to learn Python Pandas easily.