How to take admission in foreign universities

Studying abroad is a dream for many, who aspire to gain knowledge and build a bright career for themselves through international exposure. It is a beneficial experience that opens up a world full of possibilities.

Alumni Information System – Python MySQL Project

Alumni information system Python MySQL project track the information of alumni of any institution and their current position. The system has built in searching facility as well as different type of reports. The backend of the system is in MySQL.

IPL Data Analysis Python Project

IPL Data Analysis Python Project is developed using Python Pandas and Matplotlib for the data science beginners. The IPL data is in CSV file format and the whole project is divided into 4 major parts for better understanding and ornagizational purpose.

Credit Card Data Analysis-Class 12 IP Project

Credit Card Data Analysis class 12 IP project is developed in Python Pandas to analyze the data of Credit Card-holders. This project is developed as per the revised syllabus of class informatics practices students.

Student Marks Report Card Python Project

Student Marks Report Card Python Project stores the basic information of students and their marks in MySQL tables and generate report cards for various needs. The project provides basic search facility as well as will show you some advance SQL statements.

Pandas Project for Class 12 Students – Movies Analysis

Pandas project for class 12 students – World Movie data analysis using Python Pandas and matplotlib. This Pandas project explores the data and recommends the most rated movies based on the rating and voting system.