NumPy Introduction

NumPy Stands for Numerical Python, a Python library to process numerical data using Python. This tutorial series on NumPy is for beginners.

Python If statement Assignment

Python If statement Assignment for the fulfillment of Python If statement. These question will help you to understand python if statement

Inventory Management System Python MySQL Project

Free Inventory Management System Python Project using MySQL for managing the stock. It has a built searching feature as well as a reporting menu. Source code available for download.

MySQL Introduction

MySQL is a relational Database Management System. In the Relational database Model, all the information is stored on Tables, these tables are divided into rows and columns. A collection of related tables are called DATABASE. A named table in a database is called RELATION in Relational Data Model. The row in a table is called […]

Python Modules Assignment

Python Modules Assignment to assist python Tutorial on Python Modules in Python. This assignment will help you to better understand the uses of Python modules.

Python – if Statement

Python if statement runs either one set of statements or another set of statements depending upon the condition associated with. If if-else, and if elif are three selection statements available in Python.