Crime Record Management System – Python MySQL Project

Crime Records management system is our latest Python MySQL-based project. This Python project is designed as per the revised computer science syllabus. Crime records management system is command-based application software that can store the crime records that happened in our area. Front End of the Project: Python CUI Backend of the project:¬† MySQL Database Name¬† […]

Most used Word in a Sentence – Python Ways

Python code to find out Most used Word in a Sentence using python dictionary and simple for loop. This code finds the most used words in a sentence or from a text file.

Select multiple columns with condition in Pandas

How to filter columns and rows from a pandas dataframe using single line of query. The following solution will help you to understand

Class 12 Computer Science Practical file Questions with answers [ Download ]

Computer Science Practical file Questions with answersfor the students of class 12 cbse computer science as per the new revised syllabus. This file contains sample questions with their probable solutions with output.

Print File content in reverse order – Python

Print File content in reverse order using Python – is very much simple if you know how python read and readline functions work.

Promoting Gender Equality through Co-Ed Boarding School Education

Historically, the images that come to mind when thinking of residential schools in India are those of boarding schools in Darjeeling, Dehradun, Mussoorie and other such picturesque locations. These schools have become iconic not just because of their heritage but also because of their setting. Parents nowadays put great emphasis finding the best boarding school […]