String in CPP Assignment-1

Write C++ statements to do the following: Q1 Declare and initialize an array of scores of 20 batsmen of type int. Display the 10th component of the array scores. Display the 5th component of the array scores. Set the value of the 8th component of the array scores to 35. Set the value of the […]

Basic Operation on Structure in C++

Basic operation on Structure in C++ includes, how to declare the structure in C++ to write simple programs, an array of structure and how structure behave with functions. Basic but very strong cpp programs

Basic Operation on Text File in C++

Basic Text file operation in C++ include creation , reading text file using single char, single line and single word and manipulating these inputs.

Basic Operation on Binary File

Basic input output operation on a binary file using C++. These operations include writing, reading, updating, and deletion of a record from a binary file