Class X board examination Rules for academic year 2017-2018

Class 10 Board Examination Rules for 2017-18

Class 10th Board Examination of with effect from academic year 2017-2018 Highlights of the CBSE circular dated 31.01.17 No Semester System: Board exams will take place at end of the year. 100% Syllabus: No division of syllabus for SA I and SA II. Full syllabus exam once at the end of the session. Marks will […]

7 Viva tips for Practical Examination- 9 Psychological hacks

Viva Tips for Practicals

7 Viva tips for Practical Examination,before appearing in CBSE Practical Examination viva, few of them are based on my personal experience as an External Practical Examiner in CBSE, Some of them are simply psychological hacks that you can use in any where. But before that do not fear, first read the syllabus, all chapter’s name […]

CBSE date sheet minor change in some subjects in upcoming examination

Bit Change in CBSE date sheet Physical Euducation (048) Theory question paper will be held now on 12-04-2017 in place of 10-04-2017 and  Sociology (039) theory paper will be held on 20-04-2017 in place of 12-04-2017 of class XII and class X some subjects date’s sheet is also changed. Kindly match the date sheet with […]


Class 12 Computer Science Hot Questions

High order thinking questions for class XII computer science students are now available in .PDF formats . The assignments will help all the students that really achieve marks in this year ie 2017 examination . All the questions are very high standard and really the question will increase in thinking power of students. The pdf […]

7 Skills You Must Learn to Reach Your Full Potential (And Where to Learn Them)

tool set

The stepping stone from where you are today to where you want to be is simple: learning more skills. If we compare the differences between the people living an average lifestyle, and successful, happier people, is that the latter have learned and leveraged more valuable skills in their lives. To become our best selves, we must […]

5 Free Mobile Apps to help You Learn English Quickly

mobile apps to learn english

5 Free mobile Apps to learn English quickly, will really help to revise all your previously learn English concepts. Teachers and students can use these android apps to help you learn English language quickly with their gamification and other latest teaching methods. The purpose of all these  5 mobile apps to learn English are to […]