Library management system Python project- Download Source Code

Free Library management system Python project. MySQL is the default database application to hold the project data. Three database tables are used for storing all the information generated by this software.

Free Library management system Python MySQL Project

The book library is one of the most important features of any educational institution that generates a lot of information every day and the smooth functioning of the library is very much required for the smooth functioning of the institute.

There are lots of library software already available there for the student but none of them teach how to implement real-life business rules in any working software.

This software will help you to learn how to implement business rules in real-life software and how to manage them.

This is a command-based software developed in Python. The whole project is divided into small functions and functions are being called by other functions to perform the required operation. The main function of the whole project is main_menu().

The structure of Library tables are as follows

Sample data in Library three tables are as follows.

Python Modules used

  1. connector – to make a connection between MySQL and Python
  2. Datetime – used to fetch the current system date. The current date is used in the issue function and return a function as well as it is used in the reporting menu
  3. Prettyble – though it is listed in the source code we have not used it in this project. If you want you can use this module to make reporting more beautiful.

Download Source code  

How to run the Library management system Python Project

Step-1: First of all you are required to unzip the downloaded file in a folder.

Step-2: The folder contains two files  1. Library management system source code in python  2. MySQL database backup.

Step-3: Restore MySQL backup on your system.

Step-4: Make changes in your Python program ie supply user name and passwords.

Step-5:  Run program

Working of Library Management system

Please watch this whole video to understand the working of Library software.

Screenshots of Outputs



Limitations of  free Library management system Project

  1. The major drawback of the project is its command-line interface. You can convert it into a desktop application using Tkinter or a web-application using Django.
  2. Field level validations are not performed in this project.
  3. Searching is restricted to books only that can be extended to members also.
  4. Fee collection reporting is restricted to only one day. That can be modified to show different options.
  5. While issuing /returning books – book information, as well as member information, can be displayed on the screen.
  6. Business rules can be stored in a separate table

Hope you will learn something special from the Library management system Python project. If you have any queries related to this project, please feel free to contact us.

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