Library Management System Using NetBeans Java Mysql Project

Library Management System project using Netbeans GUI as a front end and MySQL as a back-end. This project is uploaded here for the demonstration work of how Netbeans and MySql can be used to develop a full featured desktop application software.

This Java NetBean Project should be used for learning purpose only and should not be submitted in any Board Examination as a project work.

This Library Management -NetBeans project Contains the following

  1. Complete Netbeans Project with MySQL database connectivity
  2. Complete Documentation of the project Work
  3. MySQL database Dump
  4. How to restore Mysql database

How to Run Library Management NetBeans Project

  1. First of download the zip file in your system and Unzip this downloaded zip file. This zip file contains
    1. NetBeans Project
    2. WordFile for Project Documentation
    3. Mysql Dump
    4. ReadmeFirst.doc Word File
  2. Here we are assuming that your system is running mysql 5.1 or higher. Proper steps are given in this project to restore database.
  3. Make necessary changes in the Net-beans files so that it should connect the database properly. Specially the database password.
  4. After making necessary changes, Just open this project in netbeans and run using Shift+f6

NOTE: We are reiterating that use this project Work only for the learning purpose and do not submit it as it it as your own project work.

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