Class 12 Ip Viva Questions

Class 12 Ip Viva Questions for Practical your forth coming Practical Examination.  This is a suggestive list and you are required to at-least prepare these questions for your IP practical examination as these are the most common and most asked questions.

Some of these Ip Viva Questions have suggestive answers, You are required to also check these answers.  These viva questions are not in any order.

Viva Questions – Informatics Practices


  1. Difference between setText() and getText()?


Set text () method stores or changes text in a text based GUI component. For eg. Text field, Text area, get text() method returns the text currently stored in a text based GUI component. For eg. Label, Check Box, etc.


  1. Difference between combobox and listbox?


The list a user may directly select from list whereas in combo box user can edit if he/she wishes. List have text field where user can edit the selected item where as combo box is a cross between a text field and a list.


  1. What is entry control and exit control loop?


The loop condition is tested before entering in to the loop is called entry control loop like for and while loop. In exit control loop it first execute loop body and than evaluate the continuation condition like while loop.

  1. Give the introduction about your project?
  2. Through which property of radio button can we select one radio button at a time?

Through button group property of radio button we can select one radio button at a time.

  1. What is the use of import in java?
  2. What is as String Class?

String class is used to accept textual data.


  1. What are data types?


  1. What is the use of parse method in java?


  1. How can we compare two strings?


  1. How can we convert a string into upper case?


  1. What is an Interface ?


  1. What is Inheritance?


  1. What is the difference between extend and implement?


  1. What are math functions and string functions explain?


  1. What is backend and front end?


Front End :- It is the user interface that the user sees and which is resp outside for interacting with the user. The interface allows used to uses commands to the system.


Back End:- It is the Part of Application that does the real processing or get it done from the server.


  1. What is connectivity?


  1. What is the use of following methods :   forName(); getConnection();, createStatement(), executeQuery, executeUpdate(),getModel(), getRowCount();removeRow().


  1. What is HTML?


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup language. It is a markup language used to create HTML documents. An HTML defines a Web Page.


  1. What is the difference between HTML and XML?


HTML:- New Tags cannot be created using HTML tags, HTML tags can be empty tags


XML :- New tags can be created using XML tags., XML tags cannot be empty tags.


  1. What is primary key?


Primary key is a combination of columns that uniquely identifies a row in a relational table.


  1. What is candidate key?


All possible combination of columns that can possibly serve as the primary key is called candidate key.


  1. What is foreign key?


A combination of columns where values are derived from primary key of some other table is called the foreign key of the table in which it is contained


  1. What is alternate key?


A candidate key that is not serving as aprimary key is called alternate key.


  1. How can we convert a string into upper case in mysql and java?


  1. How can we convert a string into lower case in mysql and java?


  1. What is Mysql?


Mysql is an open source RDBMS that relies on SQL for processing the data in the database. The database is available for free under the terms of General Public License (GPL)


  1. What is RDBMS ?


Relational Database Management System facilitates access, security and integrity of data & eliminates data redundancy. Eg. Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft Sql Server etc.


  1. How many types of functions are there in MYSQL?


  1. What is a Tuple, Relation, Attribute?


Tuple: the rows of the table are called tuples.


Relation : A relation is two dimensional table.


Attribute: The column of tables are called attribute.


  1. What is degree and cardinality?


Degree – Number of attributes (columns) in a relation is called degree cardinality – Number of types (rows) in a relation is called cardinality.  


  1. What is the significance of Having Clause?


  1. What is the significance of select statement?


  1. What are DDL Commands Explain with examples?


Data Definition Language (DDL) commands allow us to perform tasks related to data definition. Eg. Creating, altering, and dropping granting & revoking privileges & roles.


  1. What are DML Commands Explain with examples?


Data Manipulation Language (DML) commands allow us to perform data manipulation. Eg. Retrieval, Insertion, Deletion and Modification of data stored in a database.


  1. What are TCL Commands Explain with examples?


Transmission Control Language (TCL) commands allows us to manage and control the transaction. Eg. Commit, Rollback, Savepoint etc.


  1. What is the use of Drop Command?


Drop command is used to delete tables. Eg. Drop Table Orders, Delete commands is used to delete, rows of a table.


  1. What is the use of DESCRIBE command?


  1. What are Logical Operators explain?


  1. What is the use of LIKE , Between and IN Operators ?


  1. What is the difference between Update and Alter table?


  1. What is the difference between Where and Having?


  1. What are constraints?


They are used to enforce rules at table level wherever row is inserted, updated or deleted from the table.


  1. What is the difference between DROP and DELETE?


  1. What do you understand by Check Constraint?


  1. What do you understand by primary key constraint?


This constraint enforces uniqueness of the column. Only one primary key per table is allowed.


  1. What do you understand by Default constraint?


  1. What do you understand by Not null constraint?


This constraints ensures that the null values are not permitted or a specified column. This constraint can be defined at the column level not at the table level.


  1. What do you understand by unique constraint?


  1. What is significance of COUNT?


It is used to count the numbers of values in a gives column or no. of rows in a table. Eg. Select count (Roll No.) from students.


  1. Explain joins in Mysql?


  1. What is Union operation?


Union is an operation of combining the output of two select statements.


  1. What is the difference between Where and Having?


  1. What is difference between order by and group by clause?


  1. What is difference between rollback and commit?


  1. What is SavePoint?


Save point command sreates a point in transaction upto which all changes have been saved properly and permanently.


  1. What is conditional operator?


  1. What are unary, binary and ternary operator?


  1. What is swing?


  1. Swing include a rich set of graphical component for building GUI


  1. What are top level containers?


  1. Top level container are the container which hold other container in it For eg. Frame.


  1. What is difference between text area and text field?


Text area is a component that allow us to accept multiline input from the user or display multiline information whereas text field allows editing/displaying of a single line of text.


  1. What are the type of inheritance supported by netbeans?


  1. What do you mean by save point?


  1. The savepoint statement defines a marker in a transaction. These marker are useful in roll backing a transaction.


  1. How can we delete a table in MYSQL?


We can delete a table in mysql using drop command.


  1. How can we delete a record in MYSQL?


We can delete a record in mysql using delete command.


  1. How can we add a record and add a column in a table ?


We can add a record by using insert command and we can add a column through table.


  1. What are the parts of a method?


Method can be divided into two categories : getters & setters Getters : they extract (input) information from the object -> Program Setters : They set some property of the object so that the change object’s appearance.


  1. What is difference between ‘=’ and ‘==’?


= is used for equality whereas


= = is used for assignment value


  1. What is difference between ‘a’ and “a”?


‘a’ is a char type whereas


“a” is a string type


  1. What is difference between ++a and a++?


++a in this value is incremented first then the new value is stored back to the variable. A++ in this expression the current value is assigned to a variable and then incremented by 1.


  1. What is difference between –a and a–?


  1. Difference between while and do while?


While is a entry control loop whereas do while is exit control loop.


  1. What is Networking?


Networking is a collection of interconnected computers and other devices which are able to communicate with each other and share hardware and software resources.


  1. What is tree Topology how does it work?


Tree topology is a communication of bus and star topology.


  1. What is Bus Topology how does it work?


In bus topology all the nodes are connected to a main cable called backbone if any node has to send information to another node it sends signal to backbone. The signal travel entire length and received by the intended node and information is absored by terminator to remove it.


  1. What is Star Topology how does it work?


In star topology each node is directly connected to hub if any node has to send some information to any other node it sends the signal to hub. The signal is broadcast to all node but it is accepted by intended node.


  1. What is Mesh Topology how does it work?


  1. What is guided media and unguided media?


Guided media include cables whereas unguided media include waves through air.


  1. What is Gateway?


A gateway is a device which is used to connect different types of networks and perform the necessary translation so that the connected networks can communicate properly.


  1. What are Network Protocols?


A networks protocol is a set of rules for communication among networked devices. Protocol generally includes rules of how and when a device can send or receive the data.


  1. What is HTTP?


HTTP is used to transfer all files and other data from one computer to another on world wide web. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.


  1. What is TCP/IP?


Every machine on a TCP?IP network has a unique identifying number called an IP address:


  1. What is PPP?


  1. What are the different types of Network?


  1. What is PAN, LAN,MAN,WAN?


PAN :- Personal Area network, LAN :- Local Area Network, Man:- Metropolitan Area Network, WAN :- Wide Area Network.


  1. What is Transmission Media?


  1. What is the difference between Twisted Pair Cable and Unshilded Twisted Pair?


  1. What are Co-axial cables ?


This type of cable consists of a solid wire core surrounded by our or more foil, each separated by some plastic insulator.


  1. What are Optical Fiber Cables?


  1. What are Radio Waves?


  1. What are Micro Waves?


  1. What are Radio Waves?


  1. What are Infrared Waves?


  1. What is Blutooth?


  1. What is Satellite Link?


  1. What is Repeater and Switch? Give Difference.


  • A repeater is a device that amplifies a signal being transited on a network. It is used in long _______


  • What is HUB?


A HUB is a hardware device used to connect several computers together. Hub can be either Active & Passive hubs.


  • What is NIC?


  • What do you understand by MAC address?


The hardware address of the networks card is caused MAC address, which becomes computers unique hardware number on a network.


  • What is the difference between IP Address and Mac Address?


MAC address refers to the physical address assigned by NIC manufacturer. IP address is a mechanism that obtains IP address using a URL of a website.


  • What is Domain Name?


  • What are Generic Domain Name?


  • What are Country Specific Domain Names?


  • What do you understand by Network Secutity?


  • What are Denial of service attacks?


DOS attacks are those attacks that present the legitimate user of the system from accessing on using the resources, information of the system.


  • What is Snooping?


Snooping refers to the unauthorized access of someone else data, Email, computer activity or data communication.


  • What is Eavesdropping?


Eavesdropping is the act of secretly listening someone else private communication/Information.


  • What is Firewall?


The system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network is caused firewall.


  • Describe the parts of an object?


The Parts of an object are :-


  1. Properties, methods and events can be used to control the objects appearance and behavior.


Properties of an object are used to specify its appearance on the form. Eg. Changing the front of text field.


Methods are used to perform some action on the object. Eg. To display something in a textfield, you can use it set Text () method.


Events are actions / performed on controls. Eg. Mouse click etc.


  • Which method can be used to make the object or components visible or invisible?
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