IP Project for class 12 – Student Report Card Maker

IP Project for class 12 Informatics Practices student consists of Whole Project Report Including front-page, Index, Certificate, About Java, About Project, Program listing long with Mysql Screenshots.

This IP project for class 12 is complete in all the sense as the project was submitted for the partial fulfillment of Project in Class 12 in Year 2016 at DAV School.

The purpose of this project is to assist those student who have no idea what a whole project will look like and do not want to waste a lots of time in this process.

Do not forget to read our article on how to prepare for Class 12 exam in 2017. So do not forget to download this IP project for class 12- Student Report card maker.

How to run IP project for class 12

  1. First of all download the backup of  mysql database and restore in your own mysql database. How to take backup and restore mysql in windows 7,8,10 using command
  2. The Password of mysql database is “ramji”  so you are requested to change this password in your own system as per the password of your own system
  3. Copy the project folder in your own net-beans folder and execute the program.

In case you are not able to run this IP project for class 12 students as per the documentation, Please feel free to contact us.


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