How to score more than 90%+ in less than 6 month

score more than 90%+

How to score more than 90%+ in less than 6 months” as I have already lost my more than 6 month in this year and yet not started for final examination. How to study so that I can score more than 90%+ marks in less than 6 months.

To be very frank, there is no magic formula but there are some methods by following that you are certainly bound to score more than 90%+ in less than 6 months.  You have to follow all these listed methods one by one.

Study the Syllabus of your Subject first.

Why to  study the syllabus of your subject? Because the  subject syllabus contains the most important information that can help you how to study and what to study which chapter have more marks and which chapters have less marks.

The syllabus also contains the blue print for the final question papers, if you are not able to understand how to decode the mystery of that blue print, obviously you are required to take help of your subject teachers.

Last 10 Years sample Papers.

2 Sets Sample papers are published by CBSE in the month of December for the forthcoming examinations. These two sets of sample papers will surely tell you – What will be the pattern of your question paper and how the questions will be formed?

These sample question paper also comes with the sample answers that is there for you to guide you how much is too much for each type of question and how you should present your answers in board examination.

Besides these two sample question papers, you are also requested to check last 10 years question papers.  Last years question papers will definitely help you to judge the way questions are appearing from each chapters.

Revise your syllabus only this way.

Why I have written revise your syllabus, because repeatation is the key of  success but there are certain techniques that you must follow.

You are well aware that its not possible for a teacher to solve all the question of your text book  in the classroom, so a teacher select some questions and solve the same on the board. These questions are basically based on the whole concepts of that chapter.

Marks all these questions and revise these questions first of all from all the chapters. If you were not able to note all these questions previously then you can take help either from your teacher or from your friend.

This way you can revise your whole syllabus multiple time in lesser time.

Find out Best resources

Do not compromise on this front,it is learnt that people love cheap resources to stud but they do not understand that best things have some price and quality never compromise.  So you should select the best books, best tutors, Best notes.

Write your answers this way

Specially in CBSE examination, CBSE provide 15 minute for reading question papers. Utilize this time very wisely. It is learnt that the students just read all the questions and start writing their answers randomly.

Here is the tricks, mark all those questions -1,  that you think you will be able to answer 100% correctly, then mark question -2 that you think you will be able to answer 95% correctly and repeat this process for all the remaining questions.

Why this process and how this will help me to score more marks? Here is the simple psychological hack, when a teacher start checking and check first few answer and find out that the student is able to write perfect answer and then suddenly find out answers with little flaw, he/she just ignore that mistake and award full marks.

This way if you are able to score 0.5 marks more in 10 questions that my dear friend you are 1% ahead with your friend who had written the same answer but in random order.

Time Management.

Making use of each and every minute is a trait which differentiates 90+ scorers from 80 or 70 percentagers.  Write answers according to the marks, 1 marks question should not be covered in more than two line.  The same way 2 marks question should not be covered in 5 line. How much is too much for each type of question should be very clear to you otherwise, You will not be able to write whole paper in allotted time.

How much you should study is also a part of this question, So here is a video by puneet bisaria that, according to me is must watch for every student.

Try to control your Language

Despite the fact that most of the students focus on Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, etc. as these are the tough nuts to crack, do not ignore the language subjects like English and Hindi, as these are the subjects that can actually boost your percentage even if you under perform in any of the other subjects. Just spare an hour to languages and aim at 95+ if not 100.

Prepare a Time Table for study

Here is another Video that I think you should watch. It is little bit lengthy but believe me after watching this whole video, You will say a big thank to me.

Discuss your mistakes.

Do not use internal exam to check your progress but also use these exams to improve yourself. Student used to check their marks after every internal exams but never discuss, why they were awarded less mark in any particular question.

Every time you receive your answer-sheet of your term exam or Half yearly exam, try to discuss with your teacher why he/she has not awarded full marks, What was expected in that question and what is missing in his answer.

Try not to repeat that mistakes in next exam and keep all these answer-sheets. Before going to next exam just read these answer-sheets and try to remember how your teacher advised you to attempt that type of question.

Final thoughts on scoring more than 90%+ marks

These are my tried and tested tricks that helped lots of students to score much more marks in their board examinations.

You are requested not to study out of syllabus, concentrate on your weakness and shoo your distractions and try to improve your handwriting.

Hope you will follow these tried and tested tips to score more than 90%+ marks in less than 6 month. Do you have any extra idea to improve your marks? Do not hesitate to share your idea as a comment and lets help others to improve their grade.

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