How to Crack Online Exams – 7 Must Know Skills !

How to Crack online Exams, the shift of education to online platforms has only increased after the coronavirus pandemic. Online classroom sessions have become a significant part of a student’s life.

This drift has also brought changes in the way examinations are conducted, as now, they are held online! But even before this pandemic, many exams like NEET, JEE, BITSAT, and most of the competitive exams were being conducted online.

Crack Online Exams

However, students are afraid of giving computer-based tests. Students often experience their heartbeat racing and mind freeze when they are asked to give an online test.

While there are some students who learn the technology faster and develop basic computer literacy, there might be some who lack these desirable skills and feel under-confident.

They are unable to concentrate, feel jitters, have sweaty palms, breathe rapidly and in extreme cases, develop an upset stomach, as they are consumed by a constant fear of failure due to lack of confidence for giving a test online.

This anxiety interferes with the cognitive abilities of an individual contributing to a decline in academic performance. There may be a number of reasons behind this panic, let us discuss some of them and find out how to crack online exams efficiently.

Revise and organize

The secret of academically brilliant students is strong revision. It is an important strategy known to all but only few put it into practice and reaps its rewards. Without proper revision, the entire effort of studying goes waste.

Many times, due to lack of revision, students are not able to recollect simple things like a formula or a name, which is followed by mixed feelings of guilt, fear and stress. Appropriate time should be given to revision.

Make sure, that you revise systematically and carefully plan for it. Some other benefits of a proper revision include boost in confidence and reducing exam anxiety.

Online tests usually comprise of multiple-choice based questions, which can be very tricky at times. There are times when all the options look correct and thus, choosing the correct answer becomes quite difficult.

You need to learn some basic tricks in order to get through such questions. But first, it is important that you have a clear understanding of all concepts and their application, which comes with deep learning and lots of revision.

Go through your course books properly along with other reference books.

Only after getting concept clarity, you will be able to answer the questions correctly within the set time limit. Secondly, read the question statement properly.

At times, due to nervousness, students skim-read the question and attempt the wrong answer despite knowing the concept in detail. This can be avoided by carefully reading the question.

Read the instructions carefully

Some students think that reading the instructions list given before the test wastes time and are not worth it. But the extra time given to read those instructions serves a purpose.

While it is good to save time by not consuming too much time reading it but skipping it completely is not a good idea.

So, spare some time to read them to avoid any mistakes and plan a strategy to attempt the questions in the given time limit accordingly.

Check your system

Make sure to check your computer and internet connection before getting started. Sometimes, the server takes too much time to load questions or relevant information like your name doesn’t show on the screen.

Due to technical glitches, certain issues crop up in the middle of the test, which is troublesome and panicking. This also makes you lose your focus and breaks the flow. Although, if the power supply is disrupted or there is any other issue that shuts it down, do not panic.

Mostly, online tests resume from the same place where you left. Inform the invigilator immediately so that they can resolve the issue or assign a new system, without any delay, thereby saving your time.

Exam organizers always keep a ‘Plan B’ ready in order to deal with such unwelcomed circumstances. They have the requisite resources and buffer systems available and switch your system quickly. So, in case if such things happen, inform the invigilator first.

Relax and concentrate on your exam, keeping all the unnecessary worries at bay. So, it is always advisable to take the necessary precautions before the test starts.

Use your rough sheet

Many times, in order to create confusion for the candidate, examination setters often lay down very similar-looking options, especially in subjects like Science and Mathematics where numbers are involved. In order to handle such questions, it is required that you make use of the rough sheets handed over before the commencement of the examination.

Perform all the calculations on the sheet but make sure you write neatly and not create chaos on paper. Online tests are time-constrained and you have to constantly juggle your eyes and mind between the paper and screen.

But if you write really messy like a chicken scratch which is hard to read, you will end up wasting your time, which is precious, or worse, might give an incorrect answer.

This situation is absolutely avoidable if you learn how to use your rough sheets neatly.

Always check, save and submit

We are all aware of the blunders that happen when we are stressed. Not reading the questions properly or clicking on the wrong answer is common in this situation, which might make you lose some marks if there is negative marking.

But, some students, even after marking the options right, forget to click on the ‘Save’ button, instead they just ‘Submit’ it.

This unsaved answer is considered as un-attempted. These are some horrible mistakes that anyone can do if working in a hurry. These mistakes are realized later when answer booklets or results are out leading to an ultimate facepalm moment filled with regret.

This situation is totally avoidable if we read the question properly patiently, choose the right option, click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Submit’. It is always advisable to save the last 5-10 minutes of the exam for reviewing every question and checking if you have saved and submitted it properly. Remember these little things to avoid distress later.

Manage your time

Managing time effectively is one skill that enables you to get the most out of your life. It is the key to academic success.  Time can be your friend if you know how to manage it. You can get things done effectively without any stress, pain, or frustration in an organized way.

So, if you want to be successful in any exam, it is required that along with putting consistent efforts, follow a time management approach. Learn to own time. In the case of an online test, practice is the key to success. Practice as many mock tests available online.

This will help you to experience a real-time online exam environment. Furthermore, it will help you analyze the type of questions that appear and how much time should be invested for a certain type of question to be answered.

It is always a good idea to split the total time according to the number of questions to get an idea about how much time needs to be devoted to attempting each question.

Also, a wiser decision is to leave at least 5-10 minutes aside out of the total time for quick revision. Do not take much time in questions that are direct and try to save time. But remember to read the statement carefully.

Now the saved time can be utilized in attempting lengthy or tricky questions. In case, you find some difficulty in comprehension, either switch over to another language (if the option is available) or leave it for later.

Time Management is a key factor in Crack online exams.

Practice mock tests

Most students are used to paper and pen tests and face difficulty while attempting a computer-based test. While some feel less confident and nervous using a system, others find it complicated to juggle between the system, rough sheets, and pen.

Reading the question on the screen, solving it on a sheet again switching focus to mark the answer might be troubling for some at first and might also waste some time if you are new to it. Therefore, it is important to get familiar with it.

The practice is the key Practicing online mock tests are a great way of assessing your preparation as well as make you feel mentally armed to handle computer-based tests.

Hence it is necessary for students to take up these online mock tests before going to an actual exam. Practicing lots of different resources will not only help in making your concepts permanent but will also expose you to a variety of questions.

It has other benefits too! Apart from helping you in familiarizing yourself, these simulated tests are prepared the same way as physical test papers and acquaint you with the syllabus, typology of questions, time management, etc. Moreover, practicing will help you brush up on all the topics effectively.

If you have already practiced these online mock tests enough, it will help you sail smoothly through the actual exam, and feelings like stress and nervousness won’t bother you at all. Another benefit includes significant improvement in speed, accuracy, and time management skills. It is often seen that candidates who practice mock tests crack online exams far better than those who don’t.

conclusion on Conquer online exams

We hope that the given pointers to crack online exams related to different issues that a majority of students face might be helpful. One must understand that time-bound tests can be nail-biting for some. By putting in sincere efforts and following these tips, a student can learn the rope and ace at giving online exams fearlessly and confidently.

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