How do I write a class 10th Board Paper?

How do I write a class 10th Board Paper so that I could score maximum marks? This is one common question that most of the students ask.

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Here in this blog post, we are trying to answer this very common question and how much is too much for each type of question. Whether I should explain full concept in the answer of just write the summery of my answer?

As you people are the first time going to take board examinations so there are a lot of things that you people are going to face the first time.

  1. Download Sample papers from CBSE Academics Website as these papers will help you how your final question paper is going to look like. If you need Class 10 Previous Years Question Papers then You can download from this link.
  2. Your question paper will be in two languages ie Hindi and English or any other regional language. So make it very sure you understand the language of your question very well. In case of any ambiguity, the English version will be taken for the final decision.
  3. If you find any error in your question. Do not leave that question, attempt that question also as CBSE or any other board will not award extra marks for that question if you are not attempting that question.
  4. Try to solve whole sample question paper in a single stretch as this way you can better understand how much time you actually need to finish your final paper.

These are the preliminary practice round before your final examination. When you will sit for the final examination.

You are suggested the following things

  1. Reach your examination Hall well in time and take your seat.
  2. First 15 minute will be given to you to fill the front end entries that include your name, roll number, subject and subject code as well as the paper set.
  3. Next 15 minute is reading time, it is learned that students just read the question in first 5 minutes and do not plan how they will or in which order they will attempt the questions.
  4. Use these 15 minutes reading time to plan which questions you can answer with 100% accuracy, mark all such questions 1.
  5. Next check all those questions which you can answer with less than 100% accuracy mark all these questions 2.
  6. Continue this process until the last question.
  7. Attempt these questions in the same order i.e. 1 marks question should appear on your sheet first and 2 marked questions next then 3 marked and so on.
  8. Answer 1 mark question in at least 1 to 2 line i.e. 30 to 40 words.
  9. Answer 2 marks question in 3 to 5 lines.
  10. Answer 3 mark questions in 7 to 8 lines.
  11. 4 marks question should have full concepts along with figure and examples.
  12. Wherever you can produce example, Do not forget to put the example
  13. If a diagram is required then use colored pencils.
  14. Do your rough work at the right-hand side of your answer sheet and properly label that “Rough Work”, do not do it at the left-hand side of your sheet.

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These suggestion are based on my experience as a teacher and Hope they will also help you a lot while writing your class 10 board Examination. if you have any query or suggestion, just put that in comment.

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