35+Best Topic for economics project for class 12

Economics Project for class 12 is a must for all class 12 Commerce students for the partial fulfillment of their Economics paper. Though a suggestive list of Economics projects is already available on CBSE academics site, this list had not been updated for a long time.

Economics Project ideas

It is advised for each and every student to consult every project before starting a project as your viva is mostly based on project and how much you will score in your Economics Practical examination is totally dependent on the viva of your project.

Objective of Economics Project

  • Understanding of some basic economic concepts and development of economic reasoning which the learners can apply in their day to day life as citizens, workers and consumers.
  • Realization of learners’ role in nation building and sensitivity to the economic issues that the nation is facing today.
  • Equipment with basic tools of economics and statistics to analyze economic issues. This is pertinent for even those who may not pursue this course beyond senior secondary stage.
  • Development of understanding that there can be more than one view on any economic issue and necessary skills to argue logically with reasoning.

Economics Project Guidelines

CBSE has already defined the guidelines –How to prepare Economics Project File.

While selecting your topic of project, keep in mind some basic factors.

  1. Know what you are doing. Even if you have secured help from a senior or anyone else, learn the whole thing and see if you can understand the intricacies. It’s shameful that most students do not understand the basics of money (e.g.) and submit projects on RBI and its functioning.
  2. Your project should be unique, at least by 40%. Long story cut short, if you and your mate are doing the same project, yours should be at least 40% different from his/hers.
  3. Do not overdo. it is always necessary to present everything related to that topic. A topic on consumer behavior might even take you to behavioral economics; but that isn’t necessary. Focus on the precise details and do not make it too lengthy.
  4. Take Proper Guidelines from your project in-charge, How much is too much and how a project should be presented in front of the External Examiner.

Here are some of the best Economics Project ideas for you

  • Non-Performing Asset and Central Bank’s procedures to recover it.
  • Imperfect competition and Market failure.
  • Theories of Long run supply curve (Not recommended if you aren’t thoroughly versed in Macroeconomics basics)
  • Central Bank’s functions with special reference to RBI.
  • RBI’s policies to curb inflation and appreciate currency value.
  • Causes and Potential Solutions for Adverse Balance of payments.
  • Derivation of Demand curve from Hicksian and Slutsky Income and Substitution effects.
  • The shift of India’s growth parameters from agricultural to manufacturing and service sectors over 50 years period.
  • Theories of utility (Ordinal and cardinal Approach)
  • The growth of India’s automobile sector in the last 20 years with special reference to FDI.
  • Banking Sector reforms
  • Tax reforms and basic principles of taxation/Double taxation on Savings
  • Import Substitution v/s export promotion.
  • Impact of macroeconomic variables on values of currencies.
  • Price determination
  • Opportunity cost
  • Demand and it’s determinants
  • Production – Returns to a factor
  • Monopoly
  • Monopolistic competition
  • Money multiplier
  • Government budgets and its components
  • Exchange rate system
  • Balance of payment
  • Price discrimination
  • Production possibility curve
  • Supply and it’s determinants
  • Cost function and cost curve
  • Credit creation
  • The central bank and its functions
  • Budget deficit
  • Foreign exchange market.
  • Demonetization in India
  • Principals of management
  • Digital India Movement in India
  • Development of Indian Economy.
  • Comparison of Indian economy with other developing countries.
  • economic reforms of our country made since 2014 in India

These Economics Project ideas have been taken from the feedback of passed out students and believe me if you will go with any of these ideas. I am sure you are bound to score more.

If you have any other idea for Economics project for class 12 students then please share your idea in the comment box.

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