Double Dimensional Array – Assignment

Q1. Consider the following  array declaration  and predict the output and write a statement for the given questions

int   x[2][3] = { 10,200,45,67,78,45,62};

  • What is the value of  x[2][3] ?
  • Assign a new value 220 at x[1][1]
  • what is the value at x[1][2]

Q2. Write a program in C++ to read an array of order 3×2 from the keyboard. Find out the largest number available in this array? Print entered array in tabular format and also display largest number on the screen.

Q3. Write a program to input 2 matrices & check for their equality?
Q4. Write a program to add and subtract 2 matrices?
Q5  Write a program to find row sum & column sum of a matrix?
Q6. Write a program to find the sum of elements above & below the main diagonal of a matrix?
Q7. Write a program to print the transpose of a matrix?
Q8. Write a program to print upper triangular & a lower triangular matrix?
Q9. Write a program to find the sum of the diagonal elements of a square matrix?
Q10. Write a program in C++ to read a double dimensional array of integers of size 3×4 from the keyboard. Swap the first row of this array with the last row and display this newly swapped array on the screen.

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