Django Projects for Class 12 Students IP and CS- SMS

Django project for class 12 students IP and CS with complete code and user ID and password. You are required to download this Python Project for class 12 students, having python as the main subject.

As per the CBSE class, 12 computer Syllabus recommendations students are required to prepare a project that will solve some real-life problems. The length of the project is a minimum of 500 lines and the time given is 6 months.

According to these specifications, only Django based project can fulfill these requirements. We have just created one such Django project for class 12 students and teachers.

python project for cs IP students

Salient features of  Django Projects for class 12 IP and CS student

The purpose of the project is not to show our expertise in Django but to give a basic understanding of Django and how Django can streamline web-based development.  The project has the following features

  1. Data is stored on SQLite ie you can run this project from any machine.
  2. Single Model-based solution
  3. Class as well as function-based views
  4. Simple Templates for rendering Home Page and other pages
  5. CSS for the beautification of  HTML
  6. Django Pagination
  7. Addition of records including image upload
  8. Update of records including images
  9. Deletion of student record
  10. Addition/ Updation / Deletion only if user is authenticated otherwise not.

How to run the Student Management Django Project

Since the project is using the default database software ie SQLite to store student information. Thus there is no need to restore the backup of this project.

Default User Name: rakesh

Default Password: ramji00789

in order to run this project just download project on your system and issue the following command from the project folder

python runserver

Now open your favorite browser and check this project typing at its address bar.

Limitations of Student Management Django Project

This is a simple Django project that is meant for demonstration only and if a teacher or student will study this simple project he/she will learn a lot.

Download Django Project SMS for class 12 CS and IP Students.

I hope you people will love the basic idea of this project. If you have any queries or suggestion please contact us on our email ID.

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