Django project for class 12 students with output

CBSE  once again changed the syllabus of class 12 computer science students. CBSE had introduced Python in 2017-18 for computer science student as well as in Informatics practices.  One topic that they have introduced in both syllabus is –Django

Django is a web framework written in python for generating web-apps using MVT(mode View Template ). Though there is a lot of confusion over the depth of Django coverage.

So we decided to provide a few sample projects that every student must cover in order to understand the basics of Django framework.

These Django projects for class 12 students will help a newbie to understand the basic of Django web framework as well as how to interact with different technologies that can help them to become a better Django developer.

Though a web-application needs a lot of other front end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and many more. Here in this Django project for students, we did not include any of these or used very little.

You are requested to go through this project in the same manner and try to implement in your own system in the same way.

What is included in this Django Projects for CBSE students

  1. All these projects include all the code required to run your code directly on your system
  2. All the media files including Images, Audio, Video. All media files are free from the copyright so you are free to use in your projects
  3. The code, we are providing you is designed to run on local server i.e. you can not directly deploy these codes on any live server
  4. Database of this project is stored on SQLite- a default database server shipped with Django.

Software required to run Django Project

Django project needs Python as well as Django on your local computer. Since Django generates its own web-server and a default database software –SQLite. You need not install any extra server or software to run this Django project.

This project assumes that you have little bit knowledge of Django Model, Templates and Views as well as you are aware of how its views are mapped with views.

second, if also expect a user of this project has little knowledge of queryset- Django based queries to fetch data from database tables. 

Remember one thing very clearly- Django Queryset does not work like our old friend SQL.  In a few places, we used Queryset to fetch data from Tables.


post =  List.objects.all().order_by(‘-update_on’)
The above statement fetches all the data from Table List and arrange them in descending order according to date and store the same data in a variable post. The data returned by the above command is in the form of a list

How to run Django Project on Local server

Download Django project for students from the given link and extract it in your localhost. Make it very sure your computer has Django installed on that system

  1. Move inside the folder where ‘’ is stored.
  2. Run command ‘python runserver’ to start your Django web server
  3. Open your browser and type 0.0.1:8000 , if your browser is able to show the result ie you are able to run your Django project Successfully.
  4. This project has to Create, Update, Retrieve and Delete operation.  All these operations are connected with a Database table ( Model).  This model is mapped in SQLite Database

List of  Django Project for class 12 students with output

Django Project for Class 12 student

This is one of the simplest Django projects that we can generate to showcase the working of Django to our students. It has only one table that is fetched by View and displayed by related Templates.

Django Project with CRUD Operation

This simple project implements the basic CREATE, UPDATE, RETRIEVE and DELETE operation on the table.  Todo Project is also special in the sense that it will help students to understand the URL rewriting.

Major highlights of the TODO Django Project

  1. Simplest Django project
  2. SQLite is default Database for storing tables
  3. How to implement Django forms
  4. Use of POST method for sending and retrieving data
  5. URL redirections
  6. Smallest Code to implement CURD operation
  7. Very Basic Django templates are used in this project to show- how templates render Django code.

Limitations of TODO Django Project

  1. CSS and JavaScript is not used for beautification
  2. Django Forms were not implemented
  3. Class-based views can shorten the code.
  4. Django Blocks were not used for Templates this could not implement DRY ( Do not repeat Yourself )
  5. Did not implement any type of Media like Images, Audio, video.

Download TODO Django Project

Additional recommended software

SQLite is a default database software that Django uses to store all the information. If you want to check the tables used by SQLite for storing your information. Download DB browse for SQLite.

Final thoughts on Django projects for class 12 student

All these Django projects were prepared to help students to understand the Django web framework and how to use this framework to generate real-life web applications for their projects. If you need any help related to these Django projects for class 12 students, please feel free to contact us.

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