DAV Class 7 sample papers

DAV Class 7 sample papers for the students of DAV schools students studying in various parts of India. These sample papers are generated to give their students an idea about the forthcoming annual examination. These Class 5 Sample papers are designed as per the Books published by DAV Education Board New Delhi.

These are sample papers and designed only to give practice to their worthy people.  These question papers are not in any chronological order. so you are requested to download all of them one by one and do the practice.

These class 7 sample papers are prepared by the expert teachers of DAV Schools who has been teaching in DAV schools from a very long time.

All these Class 6 Sample Question Papers are stored on Google drive in PDF format so that the formatting of these question papers will remain the same.

These DAV Class 7 Sample papers are designed for annual examination but the question that appears from each chapter may help you in any other school examination.

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