Crime Record Management System – Python MySQL Project

Crime Records management system is our latest Python MySQL-based project. This Python project is designed as per the revised computer science syllabus. Crime records management system is command-based application software that can store the crime records that happened in our area.

Front End of the Project: Python CUI

Backend of the project:  MySQL

Database Name               : Crime

Number of Tables            :  3 ( Crime_types, Crime Records, Login )

Download Crime_record_management_system in Python and MySQL.

The system can help us to register different types of crime and crime records reported by the citizens, their address, phone no, crime status, and the status update date.

How to Run Crime Record Management System

  1. Downloaded Zip file contains two files, Upzip this file into a folder first.
  2. Backup of the MySQL Database Crime and Python Project file
  3. Restore the backup file into your MySQL server
  4. Open your favorite IDE/IDLE and make changes in Crime_record_management file ie the password of your mysql server in the connection string and name of the user.
  5. Now run your python project

The purpose of the project is to record the crime so that we can track the type of crime very easily and can also update the system. The whole project is divided into 6 major modules.

  1. Add Difference types of Crime
  2. Add Different Crime happened in your area
  3. Make changes in crime type and crime records
  4. Search crime database on different criteria
  5. Make different types of records

Working of Crime Record Management Software

The proposed crime records management system can overcome all the limitations of the existing system. The system provides proper security and reduces manual work. The efficiency of the police function and the effectiveness with which it tackles crime depend on what quality of information it can derive from its existing records and how fast it can have access to it.

The existing system has several disadvantages and many more difficulties to work well. The proposed system tries to eliminate or reduce these difficulties up to some extent. It is proposed to centralize Information Management in Crime for the purposes of fast and efficient sharing of critical information across all Police Stations across the territory.

The proposed system helps the user to work user-friendly and he can easily do his jobs without time lagging.

Limitations of the System

  1. It is command-based System while right now all the new systems are graphical user interfaces.
  2. Field level and form level validations are missing from the system
  3. Runtime errors are not handled all the time
  4. users can not change their password from the system directly.
  5. Crime Type search and reporting is missing from the system
  6. It is not connected to all the systems as well as it is not a web-based solutions.


Crime records management system is designed for the partial fulfillment of the project work of computer science students those who want to learn python and database-based project for their project work. Since the working of the project is so simple, its user will learn a lot from this project.

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