CPP Project for Class 12- Address Book

CPP Project for class 12 – Address book contains all the major suggestion recommended by the CBSE for the partial fulfillment of a Computer Science Project in CBSE school- Class 12 final Examination.

Cpp Project for class 12
Class 12 Computer Project as per CBSE project Guidelines

The purpose behind Computer project in Class 12 is to consolidate the concepts and practices imparted during the course and to serve as a record of competence.

As per the CBSE guideline for Computer project, every project must cover the following areas

  • Flow of control
  • Data Structure
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts in C++
  • Data File handing through C++

and the project listed here contains all these parts, so rest assured this C++ Project for class 12 is perfect project as per the CBSE guideline.

AND This C++ project for class 12 is not listed anywhere on the internet.

How to run CPP Project for Class 12- Address Book

Since the project was developed using Dev C++, so you are requested to download Dev C++ from its official website and install it on your local system.

  1. Open the download project in MS-word and copy the whole project.
  2. Open a new File in Dev C++
  3. Paste the source code
  4. Save as a AddressBook.CPP file
  5. Compile it and enjoy

The software is not compatible with Turbo C++, if you want to run this software on Turbo C++ then you are required to make these changes on this system

  1. Add  .h after each header file  like  <iostream.h> as Turbo C++ does not support <iostream>
  2. Replace all occurrence of  system(“cls”) with clrscr( ). Do not forget to add conio.h header file
  3.  Remove “using namespace std” from the header of this file.
  4. Now save this file , Compile it and enjoy.

In case you need the documentation for this Cpp project, You can refer our other project for the same that contains all the pages required for the submission of a Computer Science Project for class 12.

IN case you are not able to perform the above mentioned task on this file. Feel free to contact us.

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