Computer class 12 project work

Computer Class 12 project work is an essential part of the class 12 computer science students. Students are advised to prepare a computer project based on the project work suggested by the teachers.

Computer class 12 project work

These class 12 Computer projects can be prepared using different technologies taught in the classroom environment. The sample guidelines for preparing computer project for class 12 is as follows

  1. The project must be able to store information either in files ( binary files/text files / CSV files) or in MySQL tables
  2. Computer projects me be able to solve some real-life issues.
  3. The project should be able to provide an easy to navigate the system for its user.
  4. It should have a complete documentation
  5. Sample outputs
  6. Project listing including table structure and project code.

while preparing computer class 12 project work. Some guidelines must be followed. few of them are as follows

  1. Font Face (anyone):    Times New Roman , Tahoma Arial
  2. Font size:    12-14
  3. Text color:    Black only
  4. Project File must contain the following documents:
1 Project Cover Page        : Include  the  Project  Title,  Name  of  the  Student, CBSE Roll Number, Academic Session
2 Contents                     : List of documents being included in the project file. Will be provided
3 Acknowledgment           : Will be provided
4 Certificate                   : Will be provided – Details have to be filled by the individual student
5 Project Description        : Detailed information about the project (Min 2 pages)
6 Data Dictionary            : a) List of modules with description
b) List of UDFs with description
c) List of data files with description
7 Program Code               : The hard copy of the project
8 Bibliography                : List of referred books, websites, etc.
  1. All the documents have to be printed; handwritten documents are not
  2. Have all the documents clamped into a
  3. Photocopies of the code won’t be
  4. Any flashy and decorative material attached with the file, other than the specified above, will not be Take due care to follow the instructions.
  5. Every member of every project group must have their individual file for submission to the External CBSE Exam
  6. Each Project File will be signed by the subject teacher and get stamped by Principal Mam.
  7. A soft copy of the working project will have to be submitted on the day of the CBSE Practical examination on a Pendrives will be returned back on the same day.
  8. Project File must be submitted as communicated by the subject

List of suggested Class 12 Computer Science Projects

These projects for class 12 is a suggestive list, Students can prepare their own projects as per the discussion with their subject teacher. STudents can prepare these projects using Python and MySQL as well as using Binary / CSV files.

  1. Library management system
  2. Food court Billing system
  3. Alumni information system
  4. Hotel Management system
  5. Airline reservation system
  6. Railway Reservation System
  7. Stock Management System
  8. Student Report Card Maker
  9. Student information system
  10. Text Editor using Tkinter
  11. Django Project on News website
  12. Django Project on  School information system
  13. Shopping Cart using Django
  14. BookShop Management System
  15. UPSE Registration System
  16. Parking Management System
  17. Cable Connection Management System
  18. Banking System automation
  19. Cloth Store Management
  20. Courier Service Management System

These are some Computer Class 12 project work guidelines and sample project work Ideas. few of them are already developed for you so that you can get the basic idea of how to do it.for any query please contact us via email.