Point of Sale -NetBeans Mysql Project

Point of Sale – Net-beans MySQL Project for class 12 Informatics Practices was designed for the demonstration of Net-beans as a front end and MySQL as a Back end. The project is designed to demonstrate how a user can connect net-beans form with MySQL and how these two technologies can work together to generate a […]

Library Management System Using NetBeans Java Mysql Project

NetBens Project

Library Management System project using Netbeans GUI as a front end and MySQL as a back-end. This project is uploaded here for the demonstration work of how Netbeans and MySql can be used to develop a full featured desktop application software. This Java NetBean Project should be used for learning purpose only and should not […]

Tic Tac Toe Game using C++

This is one of the most played game. In this code we will implement the same game using single dimensional array. The code can also be used as a project for class XI student as the code does not need classes and file handing to implement. Here is the source code of tic tac toe […]

Circular Queue using Array in CPP

Circular queue implementation in C++ using single dimensional array. Right now we are using Dev C++ IDE to run this program, you can use any compatible IDE to run this circular queue program. //program to implement circular queue using array // name : rakesh kumar // date : #include #include #include using namespace std; const […]

Chapter Wise Physics Questions Class XII

Class 12 Chapter wise Physics Questions for  upcoming Examination 2017-18. These questions are based on Class 12 Physics Syllabus.  This document contains all the listed chapter name and main questions that will cover all the topic of that chapter. Download chapter wise Physics questions in PDF format.  If you have any other query related to […]