MySql Assignment -5 for class XI IP students

Mysql assignment-5 for class XI IP student is based on class XI IP students syllabus prescribed by the students. This is a simple reminder assignment using DML and DDL commands This is a small mysql assignment for mysql students. It will help them to strengthen their skills in mysql.

MySql Assignment-4 for class XI IP students

This is the fourth assignment of mysql series designed for class XI IP student of CBSE schools. This assignment is based on class XI mysql DDL and DML commands. Try these commands on sql prompt and save the outputs.

MySql Assignment No-3 for Class XI IP student

This is the third assignment of mysql based on CBSE syllabus for class XI IP students. This assignment is based on mysql DML commands. This assignment will help you to recall the basic functions used in our classrooms and available in all major mysql versions.

MySql Assignment No-2 for Class XI IP student

This is the second assignment in the array of mysql assignments. This mysql assignment no -2 is based on DML commands, we used to use in regular classrooms. Try these queries on any version of mysql as they are the basic queries and every student must be familiar with these basic DML commands.  

Mysql Assignment -1 for class XI IP-students

MySql assignment No-1 is the first and for-most assignment for class 11th CBSE students. This assignment is based on the sql DDL and DML commands including CREATE DATABASE, Create table and Alter Table as well as DML commands like insert and select. Attempt this assignment on any version of mysql.

Class 11 Informatics Practices 2016

Class 11 Informatics Practices Question paper 2016 was appeared in DAV schools. This question paper was based on the CBSE class 11 Informatics Practices syllabus. The question paper was generated to serve as a general question paper across the DAV group of schools. Download Class 11 Informatics Practices question Paper for DAV schools.  This class […]