Class 12 Sample Papers with Marking Scheme 2017-18

CBSE Class 12 Sample papers along with their marking scheme  for the session 2017-18 had been uploaded on, These Class 12 Sample papers are designed to give an insight in the coming CBSE class 12 exam.

These class 12 Sample papers for 2018 is strictly designed as per the question paper blue-print and these question papers are provided by the CBSE itself, So all the student’s are advised to check these class 12 sample question papers along with their Marking scheme.

These marking schemes are also designed by the CBSE and given an insight to the answers so that students can get proper idea how they should write their answer so that they can get maximum numbers.

How to Obtains Sample Marking scheme

We have uploaded marking scheme of each subject along with the sample question paper.  This marking scheme is only valid for that particular cbse sample paper.

You can access these CBSE sample papers using the Sample Paper Tab at the left hand side widget.

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