Class 12 Result Processing Pandas Project [ Download Code]

Class 12 Result Processing Pandas Project for IP students as per reduced syllabus. The project is a brain-child of Ms. Sushmita Ghosh and contributed by her for class 12 IP students.

IP project for class 12 students prepared using Python Pandas and CSV files.  Result Processing Project uses a built-in CSV file and analyzes it using Pandas and Matplotlib. The structure of the CSV file is as follows

Class 12 Result Processing IP Project

How to Run Result Processing Pandas Project

Since the project prepared using Pandas and Matplotlib.

1.  Install Pandas and Matplotlib using the commands

pip install pandas
pip install matplotlib.

2.  Download Souce code available in zip format. Zip file contains Python code and CSV file, unzip it first in your system.
3.  Make very sure the path of your CSV file is correct as written in the source code
4.  Run The program.

Output Windows

Here are some output windows produced by the Python Pandas Project on the Result processing system.

Welcome Screen

Class 12 Result Processing Project

Second menu Screen

Data Visualization – Line Chart

Data Visualization – Bar Chart

Data Visualization – Bar Chart average marks

Data Visualization – Bar Chart – count of  subjects for the erent range of percentage

Download Source code of Python Pandas project for Result Processing.

Project Limitations

This project assumes that the CSV file has all the information that you need for processing CBSE generated results. But as per my knowledge, CBSE pushed its result in Text format.

Text File handling and Excel reader and writer module can convert Text File into an Excel sheet.

Python Project to convert Text File into Excel file for result Processing can help you a lot and if you are able to implement both. I think it will make this Result Processing Python Project for IP students complete.

Hope this Python Project on Result processing system will help you a lot to prepare a similar Pandas project. If you find any issue with this project, feel free to contact us.

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